A Letter to the Other Side

by Lex Renee 2 years ago in politics

The political black sheep of the family has spoken.

A Letter to the Other Side

To my family,

Although I offend stay quiet when you discuss current events, and scroll past your Facebook posts without the urge to make outraged comments, it doesn’t mean I agree with your views. You see I don’t make comments to your face or behind a screen because although I want to share my political views with you, I know you will highly disagree with me. You claim that other parties are sensitive, snowflakes, who don’t understand what’s going on, who are disrespectful individuals that need to learn some manners, and need to read up on what’s going on in the world. It’s funny because I’m literally listening to you making these comments you make and I’m in the one of those parties that you speak so low of.

So let me show you what I see and hear when you have your political discusses, and the side comments you make while discussing what’s going on. I hear lots of yelling. Maybe this is passion or maybe it’s rage but it all honesty it is discouraging and frightening to me. You start to rant about the issues and then the rant you are having starts bashing the other side. Making comments like “those idiots” while agreeing that your side is right. You make A LOT of opinion statements and state false facts. Even when the proper facts are given, it’s questioned on how true they are. It’s like you can’t fathom the fact that you might be wrong. These things continue onto Facebook. You make posts that are disrespecting the past president as well as his family and making fun of those not in your party, but yet when others do it they are being “irrational” and “dramatic.” You even take it a step farther by stating that their being disrespectful to our president, and need to get over the fact that he won the election. However, I’m confused when you make these comments, because aren’t you being disrespectful to are past president and his family by posting pictures calling them ugly and stupid? Seems to me there’s a double standard here. Whenever you do ask me to share my views, and I try to play devil’s advocate with you without stating what I am. You start to rise your voice at me. Your voice keeps getting higher and higher while my voice stays at the same tone. You’re face starts to turn red, and you point your finger at me while you keep stating what you believe is right. It’s hard to continue the conversation when you can’t interject. It’s almost like discussing a different viewpoint is too much to comprehend or you just don’t want to listen.

I’m not trying to write this to make you seem like monsters, because politics aside your my warm and loving family who I adore. However, I am writing this in hopes you can see how intimidating it is for me to share different political views on this world than you do. Instead of becoming upset, try listening to what I have to say. Maybe you’ll like what you hear. Let’s share and discuss each other view points, instead of bashing each other without having a full understanding of one another’s views. I’m honestly interested as to as you vote for who you vote, and your thoughts on different topics. If during a discussion start noticing that we’re arguing with one another, let’s settle with respectfully agreeing to disagree with one another and moving on with a topic of conversation. I find this a simple task to do. Don’t just do this with me but do this with everyone you meet.

With everything happening in the world today it’s important to be able to communicate our views properly and respectfully with one another. How can you say you agree or disagree if you don’t have all the facts. Remember this moving forward with all the elections that are happening and coming soon.


The political black sheep

Lex Renee
Lex Renee
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