5 Reasons Black History Month Is Important

by Jenn Melon 9 months ago in history

February 1st marks the first day of Black History Month. There are many reasons why this month should be appreciated and discussed.

5 Reasons Black History Month Is Important

February is Black History Month, a very important month of the year that I think we should all value. Each year on February 1st, we all recap on the importance of this month. Whether it be learning about the history in school, talking about it at a workplace, or empowering your children with these stories at the dinner table. Black history is truly an important thing to discuss and learn about our life so we can improve the future and make it even more proud to be diverse. Although we have advanced greatly with our diversity. Here are some reason it’s appropriate and essential to discuss Black History Month.

1. Honoring African American Leaders

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In my American Studies class in school, I’ve had the privilege to learn about African American leaders and how intense and rough the past was for them. Leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Barack Obama, etc. These role models have improved so much within America. From starting movements to being the first African American to accomplish certain goals. So many leaders have had extremely empowering stories and still continue to influence the future.

2. Aspiring to Have a Better Future Within the Black Community

It’s no surprise that there are still fewer privileges to African Americans due to some people’s idea of how they expect America to be. But thankfully, it has gotten a lot better. Regardless, America could still be better. Black History Month shows America how important it is to change the future. Racism is absolutely not necessary in any environment. Which is why months like these influence young black leaders to start movements in any black degrading situations.

3. Educating Children About Black History

I for one think it’s extremely important everyone learns about black history regardless of the environment they live in. Black History Month dedicated an entire month to teaching every generation about the importance of black culture. Children should learn about black leaders at an early age so they grow up knowing respect for those around them. It should be continuously taught through all grades and kept important within adulthood.

4. Preserving Black Culture

It is vital that black culture should be reserved in appropriate ways. African Americans have cultural traditions that should be respected like any other cultures traditions. It is crucial that the community, heritage, and history are respected and appreciated throughout the world. It has become more accepted within every generation. Communities may be very diverse, culture is what holds everyone together.

5. Influencing and Empowering the Future

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The past has more than definitely influenced the future by inspiring many to create movements and change negative events into positive empowering movements. Because of black history movements, this generation has been so much more motivated into creating a better, diverse future for other generations to live in. It’s truly a beautiful thing to watch how black leaders keep each other inspired and proud of their culture.

Overall, Black History Month is an extremely important month because of inspiring black leaders, education, and empowering every generation. It is incredible how far everyone has come as a community. The past has affected the future in many positive ways, thanks to movements, discussion, and motivational leaders whose goal was to create a better future for everyone to live in.

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