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20 Reasons to Join the #YangGang in 2020

by Juan Faragher about a year ago in politicians

I mean you're going to have to vote for someone? Why not get 1,000 bucks for it?

20 Reasons to Join the #YangGang in 2020

1. Freedom Dividend

$1,000 a month. For every U.S. citizen over the age of 18. Just imagine what you could do with an extra $1k in your pocket. A MONTH. Rent? I don’t know her. Groceries? I got plenty. Date Night? Checks on me. One-Way plane ticket to a small-secluded island in the pacific where you can live out the rest of your days as a hermit away from the troubles of society drinking coconuts on the beach? DONE

As Americans, we know the value of hard work, and the feeling of getting a solid paycheck that comes from that. But we all know the anxiety and feeling of existential dread that comes with not knowing if you worked hard enough, worked enough extra shifts, or saved enough extra money to pay all your bills. That feeling of paying for something and wondering if this is when your card declines because you’ve been too scared to check your bank account.

And look no one is blaming you, its not like we were taught financial responsibility in high school.

2. He Likes Turkey Legs

When Andrew Yang visited the Iowa State Fair, he was asked about turkey legs and said that he was on his 18th turkey leg...

That, my good friends, is a true American.

3. Yang Beats Trump.

As someone that joined a gang last year and spends an insurmountable amount of time scrolling through Twitter. Yang. Beats. Trump. The Yang Gang has pulled disaffected Trump voters in key states, as well as independents, republicans, and a lot of first-time voters.

Part of what is so appealing about Andrew Yang is that he isn’t advocating for more partisan, divisive politics. He is trying to move us forward as a nation, and voters are looking for someone that can actually bring this country together.

Yang is doing that. So yes, Yang can beat Trump.

4. He is a Former Goth.

Andrew Yang has promised to be the first ex-goth President of the United States.

That statement speaks for itself.

5. Human-Centered Capitalism

Currently our economy measures success based on our gross-domestic product, or GDP, which only measures how much we produce as a country. Since this is the only measurement of whether our economy is doing well, it’s no wonder why companies are so focused on maximizing profits.

If all these companies care about is there bottom-line, we Americans are the ones who suffer. The healthcare industry is the most startling example. Pharmaceutical companies hike up prices for life-saving drugs that don’t cost them much to make; all for the purpose of making a profit. How can we call this a healthcare system, if we end up having to sell an arm and a leg just so we don’t die…

Humans are suffering. So, lets make the focus of our economy on maximizing human welfare.

6. We Actually Want to Bring the Country Together

Bernie and Warren spend so much time focusing on how rich the wealthy are, and how they need to pay their fair share help everybody else that are being crushed by the weight of their greed. Look I get it. But I don’t think we can Oliver Twist our way into being a more prosperous nation.

Wealth taxes, like those proposed by Bernie and Warren, will only sow more division in a nation that is already so divided, and don’t have much support besides on the political Left. The Yang Gang wants to bring people together around policies that help everyone; regardless of how much money you make or where you find yourself on political spectrum.

7. He is a DnD Fan.

Andrew Yang has publicly said he would play Dungeons & Dragons in the White House.

The nerd in me that has recently become extremely invested in Dungeons & Dragons is just in awe. So, this is a valid reason as any to support this beautiful man.

8. Humanity First

Special interests in D.C. have overrun politics. Meaning that too often the representatives that we elect to have our interests actually end up supporting corporations or special interests groups that have money to donate, like the NRA.

So, what ends up happening? Once again, people suffer. (I think we have a running theme here)

Yang wants to return the focus of policy back to the people, so that we can all prosper, not just the select few.

9. Fourth Industrial Revolution

We are at the start of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Technology has reshaped the way we live our lives, whether you believe it or not, and its only going to get more intense.

Andrew Yang was the candidate that has brought this issue to the forefront, and for good reason. The reason that Trump got elected is because manufacturing jobs in the Midwest were automated away. And Trump promised them jobs, and that’s what won him the election.

With the advent on A.I on the way and the coming robot revolution, we need to be prepared. And if you think this is just a bunch of future talk that doesn’t concern you. We have smart phones, smart cars, and smart homes. We spend virtual money, because no one thinks to carry cash anymore. And you’d rather use the self-check out line at the grocery store then wait in line.

Automation is the future. And Andrew Yang is our Sarah Connor.

10. MATH

Make America Think Harder.

First off, what a great slogan. Secondly, if you actually take the time to think about what Yang is proposing, his policies make a lot of sense. Like a lot of sense. Rather than just saying what sounds good like “Make America Great Again”, which raises so many questions about when American first started being great and when it stopped.

My guess is at the very beginning and stopped when we didn’t get rid of slavery until after the Civil War, or interned Japanese people during World War II, or the toppling of countless regimes across the globe for “DEMOCRACY!”, or the countless civil rights issues over the past 200 years. But who knows?

11. Legalize 4/20

Although most democratic hopefuls are running on this, its refreshing to see a candidate discuss how even though his personal beliefs are against using the drug that the United States' criminalization of marijuana has caused more harm to our communities than good.

Also, Yang has pledged to pardon pot offenders on 4/20 and high-five them on their way out of jail.

12. Democracy Dollars

In order to combat corporate money in politics, every American gets 100 Democracy Dollars to support the candidate of their choosing. Use it or don’t. But if you do, we can flush out the influence of mega-donors in D.C. Giving politicians a financial incentive to gain your support.

13. We Are a Community.

Although I rarely use my social media to communicate beyond the people that I actually know in real life, the Yang Gang is a community that I feel very much a part of despite my lack of interactions beyond retweeting. I’m also busy and am not looking at my phone all the time; like a lot of people.

However, on the occasions that I have seen Yang supporters in public, I immediately get excited and feel even more a member of this community.

I have seen so many people come together online around Andrew Yang. We are a community that is growing, and everybody is welcome. And if you’re super active on Twitter and want some follows, we gotchu.

14. Yang is Not a Politician.

If you haven’t gathered by now, I’m very interested in politics. And with that comes a knowledge that there are politicians that say one thing to the people, and do another behind closed doors.

Andrew Yang is not that. He is just an entrepreneur that tried to help, realized that problems were bigger than he was. And, then he decided to run for President. To solve those problems.

15. Yang Wants to Actually Solve Problems That Got Trump Elected.

Let it be known that I came up with these reasons before I wrote about them. And, I think this one has been made redundantly clear.

16. Cool Swag

I mean he has a collab with Childish Gambino, so……

17. Get Excited About Politics.

My degree is in political science. I finished school last August. And I made my very first campaign donation EVER to Yang’s campaign. That says something. Yes, I’ve always been interested in it, but for the first time I’m excited about what our country could turn into.

18. Evelyn Yang + Family

If you haven't seen videos or photos of Andrew Yang with his family, I would seriously suggest it.

Yang spends some time discussing what his family means to him and the policies he proposes, and how the Freedom Dividend can help stay-at-home moms like his wife, Evelyn.

It is incredibly refreshing to see a presidential candidate having genuine, authentic moments with his family on the campaign.

19. Freedom Dividend

So nice, its on here twice. With the Fourth Industrial Revolution on its way, the Freedom Dividend provides safety net for all the workers that are going to be replaced with technology. The Freedom Dividend is a direct investment into every single community, because what do people do with extra money? They spend it. All that money goes towards the market, facilitating growth across the country.

20. He's Just Really Fucking Cool and a Breathe of Fresh Air.

Juan Faragher
Juan Faragher
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