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What is the concept and content of security audit?

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By cypher shieldPublished 11 months ago 4 min read

Security auditing is a new concept. What is security and why is security auditing? This is a brand new topic that we need to understand. Next, I will introduce the basic meaning, content and main functions of security auditing, especially the information Security audit related content.

1. Basic meaning

Security audit is a new concept, which refers to the systematic and independent inspection and verification of relevant activities or behaviors in the computer network environment by professional auditors in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the entrustment of property owners and the authorization of management authorities, and Make a corresponding evaluation. A smart contract audit services is a systematic approach to assessing the security of a company’s information systems by testing their compliance with a set of established standards. Information security auditing mainly refers to the identification, recording, storage and analysis of information related to security-related activities in the system. The records of the information security audit are used to check what security-related activities are taking place on the network and who (which user) is responsible for this activity.

2. Contents

A full audit involves four basic elements: control objectives, security vulnerabilities, control measures, and control tests. Among them, the control target refers to the security control requirements formulated by the enterprise according to the specific computer application and combined with the actual situation of the unit.

A security loophole is a weak link in the system’s security that is easily interfered with. Control measures refer to the security control technologies, configuration methods and various normative systems formulated by enterprises to achieve their security control objectives. Control testing is to compare the consistency of various security control measures of the enterprise with the predetermined security standards, to determine whether each control measure exists, whether it is implemented, whether the prevention of loopholes is effective, and to evaluate the reliability of enterprise security measures. Obviously, as a special audit project, security audit requires auditors to have strong professional technical knowledge and skills. Smart contract audit Security auditing is an integral part of auditing. Because the security of computer network environment will not only involve national security, but also involve the economic interests of enterprises. Therefore, we believe that we must quickly establish a safety audit system that integrates the state, society and enterprise. Among them, the national security audit agency should implement an annual audit system for the information security of WAN enterprises in accordance with national laws, especially for various security technical requirements of the computer network itself. In addition, social intermediary organizations should be developed to provide audit services for the security of computer network environment. Like accounting firms and law firms, it is an organization that evaluates the security of enterprise computer network systems. When enterprise management authorities weigh the potential losses brought by the network system, they need to check and evaluate the security through intermediaries. In addition, financial and financial audits are also inseparable from network security experts, who evaluate network security controls and help certified accountants make correct judgments on the authenticity and reliability of the information disclosed by the corresponding information processing systems.

According to Ira Winkler, chairman of the Internet Security Advisory Group, security audits, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing are the three main approaches to security diagnostics. Each of these three employs different approaches, each suited to specific goals. Security audits measure the performance of information systems against a range of criteria. Vulnerability assessment involves a comprehensive inspection of the entire information system and a search for potential security holes. Penetration testing is a covert operation in which security experts conduct numerous attacks to see if a system can withstand similar attacks from malicious hackers. In a penetration test, a fake attack might include anything a real hacker might try, such as social engineering. Each of these methods has inherent capabilities, and a combination of two or more may be most effective.

3. Main functions

The functions of the security audit trail are: to help security personnel to audit the reliability and security of the system; to report the obvious attempts to hinder the operation of the system to the security console in a timely manner, and to take timely measures. Generally, a security and confidentiality detection and control center should be established in the network system, bsc smart contract audit which is responsible for monitoring, controlling, processing and auditing the security of the system. All security and confidentiality service functions, all layers in the network are related to the audit trail system.

The above is my superficial understanding of security auditing. Security auditing is a huge and systematic thing. We cannot understand it one-sidedly. We need to dig out more content and knowledge. I hope my explanation will be helpful to you.

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Get your smart contracts audited and certified by leading smart contract security experts. Our smart contract audit services cover functionality, vulnerabilities, and gas efficiency. Talk to a consultant now to get started.

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