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Uncensored Crypto Reviews (INVESTIGATED) 2022 - Surprising

by Komolafe Philip 4 months ago in wallets
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Uncensored Crypto Reviews

I'm sure most of you pretty much have an idea of what uncensored crypto is but I want to shed more light on that knowledge.

What is the Uncensored Crypto?

Uncensored crypto is a crypto documentary series that is divided into 9 segments and it is very helpful in teaching you everything crypto.

If you get plugged into uncensored crypto, you would have the chance to hear professionals explain the basics of cryptocurrency and how modern cryptocurrency works. They also talk about how investors can make money and take control of all sorts of trends.

The best part about this is that you can just sign up to watch this documentary series which is totally free on the website All you need to do is write your name and email address into the form given to you and you would get notified when the documentary series starts.

Why Uncensored Crypto?

It is best to use uncensored crypto because they provide the best pieces of information which are useful to everyone both amateurs and professionals.

When Will Uncensored Crypto be Launched Officially?

The uncensored crypto documentary officially gets launched specifically on the 18th of January 2022. However, the exact time hasn't been communicated with the public yet and I think they're still working on it over there.

That being said, all interested persons are able to get acquainted with the uncensored crypto team by making use of the address on the website. You should also know that it is better for you to register early so that you can get information regarding the documentary.

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Uncensored Crypto 2022 Featuring Speakers...

There are numerous prominent speakers that would be gracing this documentary. Some of which are the best cryptocurrency professionals you can find. They include;

  1. - Lamont Black, Finance Professor at DePaul University.
  2. - Commodore, Krause Co-Creator
  3. - Michael Herne, CEO, and Founder of Decentral Publishing
  4. - Marty Bent, Director of Biz Development Great American Mining Company
  5. - Oscar Garcia, UULALA CEO
  6. - Warren Davidson, Ohio Congressman
  7. - Mike Dillard, RICHEVERYDAY.COM founder
  8. - Spencer Marr, Sangha Systems’ President
  9. - Fred Thiel, Marathon CEO
  10. - Jerry Tang, VCV Digital Group CEO

Uncensored Crypto NFT? How Do NFTs Work?

It is very important for you to learn about NFTS although you're also going to be taught there.

It means non-fungible token. NFTS is basically a part of the Ethereum blockchain. As you know, Ethereum is a cryptocurrency like bitcoin, smart chain, and the rest but its blockchain is also used to support the NFTS.

Basically, NFTS is supported by the Ethereum blockchain although they can be further supported by other blockchains.

When an NFTS is created digitally from various objects like art, videos, collectables, virtual avatars, various designs, music, and many other things. Basically, anything can be an NFTS including a tweet as ex-twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold his first-ever tweet as an NFTS for over $3.

Basically, NFTs are like physical collector’s items, only digital. So instead of getting an actual oil painting to hang on the wall, the buyer gets a digital file instead.

Who’s Behind the Uncensored Crypto? The uncensored crypto documentary is being hosted by an extraordinary individual called Micheal Hearne.

He is an entrepreneur with over twelve years in creative and mind-blowing innovations in various programs that have skyrocketed different companies to their desired level of greatness and final freedom.

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What You Will Get From Uncensored Crypto?

In this segment, we will be talking about the 9 episodes and what you stand to gain from them. Below are the episodes and the knowledge that would be passed down.

- Episode #1: The Crypto Revolution: This is the first episode and you would be spoken to by Bryce Paul, Fred theil, Brock Pierce, Martin Weiss amongst others.

In the course of this episode, the following topics would be discussed for you to gain useful knowledge:

1. The cause of the 2008 financial crisis and the effect it had on the rise of bitcoin. Also, you would learn why bitcoin will forever create a new system.

2. You would also learn how the blockchain works in this segment and the effects it can have on your financial freedom. You are also taught about the sovereignty of the blockchain.

3. You are also given the knowledge of how to safely invest and yield over 50 times your initial investment. You would also learn about some of the skills they used.

Episode #2: Buying Bitcoin

This episode features Ryan Sean Adams, Cory Klippstein, Josh Lawler, Juan Villaverde, and other experts.

During this episode you learn things like:

1. The main reason why bitcoin profits will be far greater than that of stocks and other traditional investments in the coming years.

2. Also you would be taught about how the traditional financial system is unfair and is set so that you fail and the elites benefit more.

3. They also talk about the main mistakes new crypto investors make.

Episode #3) A New Internet, Web 3.0

This episode features Jimmy Song, Jack Du Rose, Eric Wade, and other experts.

In this episode, you learn all about blockchain-based platforms. In this segment you learn about:

1. The evolution of the internet using blockchain technology.

Episode #4: The Everything Revolution

This is the segment that introduces NFTS and talks about how they work. It features Tatiana Moroz, Mark lack, Joel Kruger, and various NFTS professionals.

Episode #5: The Rise of DeFi

This segment talks about decentralized finance (DeFi) and its importance in the crypto community. It features experts like Tina Laurence, Brock Pierce, and Jerry tang.

Episode #6: The Sovereign Individual

This segment tackles the elites and other rich companies that made a fortune off exploitation and how the blockchain can fight such exploitations.

You are going to be getting knowledge from Marty Bent, Mike Dillard, Jeremy Gardner, Matthew Mckibbin, and a host of others.

Episode #7: Crypto vs. Fiat

This segment sheds more light on the advantages crypto has over fiat. You should definitely get plugged into this segment. Some competent experts would be discussing this.

Episode #8 the Dark Side of Crypto

This segment is all about the dark sides of crypto which most people fail to take note of. Professionals like Justin Newton, Richard Little, Josh Lawler will all be talking about these dark sides.

Episode #9: Crypto vs. Climate

In this segment, some professionals are going to be tackling the claim that crypto is destroying the climate as the fears seem to be overblown.

Is the Uncensored Crypto Free?

From everything I've said, you should know that these documentaries are totally free of charge and anyone can watch the uncensored crypto documentary.

If you have any interests in registering and attending, just make sure you follow the instructions provided on their official website page. There may be a limited number of viewers so it's best for you to register early.

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Final Thoughts:

it is quite fair to conclude that the uncensored crypto documentary is very helpful for the crypto community and no one should miss it as it is definitely a game-changer for the crypto world.

And also it is totally free so you stand to lose nothing. You should definitely register for the uncensored crypto.


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