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Swap Decentralized Exchange Audit

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By cypher shieldPublished 11 months ago 4 min read

TTSswap will focus on user service, establish a high-quality and comprehensive service concept, and create a first-class decentralized exchange.

Certik, an American blockchain smart contract audit services company, was established by scientific research teams from Yale University and Columbia University with decades of research results. It provides code security audit services for blockchain applications and smart contracts through “deep specification” formal verification technology. . At present, Certik has received millions of dollars in investment from Binance Incubator.

Based on the high requirements for the technical security of the platform, the TTSswap decentralized exchange submitted Certik for security audit. In this audit, Certik made full use of technologies such as dynamic analysis, static analysis and manual review to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the project agreement. The audit found no major or critical or major vulnerabilities, and Certik has submitted optimization recommendations to TTSswap, which have been applied in the refinement process of the codebase.

The purpose of contract auditing is mainly to check code specification, conventional loopholes, security loopholes, business logic loopholes, etc. The most important thing is to reduce the failure of the business to operate as expected due to the code, the second is to ensure the safety of funds; the third aspect is to reflect intelligence “Fairness, openness, impartiality and transparency” after the contract is deployed. At the same time, it also reduces the possibility of being hacked. In addition, the risk can be minimized before the product goes live.

“There is no absolute security system”, this is a warning in the field of network security, and it is also a hacker’s joke about security protection. The blockchain has its own financial attributes. In recent years, from exchanges to wallets and DAPP applications, all of them are the target of hackers. They seize the loopholes in the code of these platforms and conduct attacks or even extortion. Once these platforms “steal money” incidents, it is difficult to retrieve assets. Therefore, code security auditing is particularly important.

Introduction to TTSswap Decentralized Exchange

TTSswap is a global cryptocurrency decentralized exchange established in January 2022. Using the new transaction model of one coin and one price, it can completely achieve accurate and error-free transactions, realize the spiral upward law, completely zero slippage transactions, boldly innovate, and create new rules for blockchain transactions.

TTSswap selects high-quality currencies through a strict listing review mechanism to provide safe and reliable digital asset transactions for global trading users. At the same time, smart contract audit the unique trading mechanism fully automatically determines the market trend, truly realizes the autonomous trading of the community, and returns a high-quality digital asset trading environment for all players in the currency circle.

Innovative features of the TTSswap decentralized exchange

Bold and innovative trading model

TTSswap adopts the transaction model of “one coin, one price”, and completely achieves accurate and error-free transactions through a unique calculation formula.

Strict listing review mechanism

Strict coin listing review mechanism to ensure that it can fully meet the standards, select high-quality coins, and provide safe and reliable digital asset transactions for global trading users.

Fully automated control panel mechanism

All token prices have a set of independent calculation formulas, and the unique mechanism charm can realize fully automatic control.

completely decentralized

The currency price is dominated by the mechanism, and individual behaviors are placed under the mechanism to truly realize the autonomous transaction of the decentralized community. The DeFi track has become the focus of traditional financial integration with blockchain technology due to a series of financial attributes that can be combined, expanded and implemented. As an innovative application of DeFi technology, TTSswap has chosen Certik, an authoritative auditing institution in the United States, to conduct smart contract code analysis. The measures to audit, prevent potential risk threats, bsc smart contract audit and ensure the security of user assets are also setting a model for the field of DeFi technology.

TTSswap will fully integrate the resource advantages, regional advantages, service advantages, team advantages and brand advantages of all parties, do a good job in every detail, and escort the assets of all capital, listing institutions and users with a more professional, high-quality and responsible vision. TTSswap will focus on user service, establish a high-quality and comprehensive service concept, and create a first-class decentralized exchange.

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