How to Monetize Your Website with JSECOIN

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The Art of Passive Income

How to Monetize Your Website with JSECOIN

Monetizing your website is not an easy task. Traditional ads are not what they used to be. You can barely make a buck or two per week and your readers may feel harassed by too much ads.

The 21st century blogger needs an easy and handy solution that will not make the experience of his reader a living hell. That’s what JSECoin is trying to do with a Javascript Embedded Cryptocurrency. The Crypto enterprise based in London created a platform to mine directly in your browser.

What is mining?

Cryptomining is the processing of transactions in the digital currency system, in which the records of current coin or token transactions, known as a blocks, are added to the record of past transactions, known as the blockchain. Every time you resolve a hash you can receive a reward.

Usually it takes huge processing power to mine a crypto like bitcoin. But, the JSECoin only needs a fraction of your cpu power to decrypt hashes in the blockchain. In fact, you can mine directly in your web browser.

Now, imagine what we could do with a thousand computers. Every hit is a user mining for you. You can now monetize your website with JSECoin mining platform. While most mining script mine Monero, JSE is a distinct cryptocurrency. The process is harmless and you can earn easily 200 JSE coins per day.

First Step

Register for an account at JSE COIN. Warning: don’t create multiple accounts. You will be banned permanently. See the bonus section if you want to increase your earnings.

Second Step

Go to the publishers section. Enter your website domain name and click the "Setup Site" button. This will generate your personalized script. The code will pop up in a new window and you can either copy and paste it above the closing </body> tag or paste it into the JSECoin Wordpress plugin.

Normally the best place to put the code is in a template file (so it runs across all pages of the site) or index file (so it only runs on the front page).

Alternatively if you have a static site, you can copy it to each and every page if you wish.

Rewards are distributed via a lottery system where publishers earn lottery tickets for unique visitors, page views, and hashes found. 50 times 2 JSE are randomly distributed to ticket owners. This lottery repeats itself every 30 second block delivering 288,000 JSE tokens in total each day.

Before starting mining, the script will ask the permission of each of your visitor. A banner offering to opt-out will appear on your page. So, they will be fully aware that they are helping you monetize your website. The mining process use less than 10 percent of the CPU power of your vistors, so you don't have to worry. It won't harm their devices.


If you want to earn more coins, you can also mine directly in your web browser and get rewards every 30 seconds. This way you can expect an extra 100 coins per day.

Bonus Tasks

You can earn 200 JSECoin for each user you get to join the platform.

If you find a security issue with the JSE platform, they will reward you with bug bounties. You can optionally also get added to the bug bounty wall of fame.

If you create promotional videos for JSECoin, they will pay you 10,000 JSE. The video would have to promote the project to investors and webmasters who have never heard of the platform. It should be impressive, sleek and modern.

Register today at JSE COIN and start earning.

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