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Comprehensive Guide to Send WhatsApp Bulk SMS

by Lucky Jack 6 days ago in product review

Difference between Normal Bulk SMS & WhatsApp Bulk SMS


Sending messages in bulk is useful for organizations to broadcast their details to a wider public quickly and effectively. For this, you can opt for either the conventional messaging service or WhatsApp. Read on to know which is better.


For businesses, managing their vast consumer base can become difficult, especially in communicating their information. Sending individual messages is not a suitable choice, hard to handle time-wise, and expensive.

In comparison, many companies switch to utilizing bulk messaging tools/techniques to Send Bulk SMS to their vast subscriber base swiftly and in an organized manner. There are many advantages, such as higher response/readability rates, more consumer engagement, and fast delivery even without an internet connection.

Not to mention, they can check their bulk message progress through delivery reports. In this context, two notable varieties are regular SMS and WhatsApp-based bulk messaging. We discuss both in this article.

What is Bulk SMS?

Businesses and organizations utilize the bulk texting communication tools to simultaneously send bulk SMS to many subscribers. It is a useful interaction option for companies to interact with their target audience while quickly saving their budget and labor.

Generally, users opt for this service to send one message to many contacts like employees or customers. This option is valuable for marketing purposes and sending critical alerts and is a common communication strategy in many industries.

How to send Bulk SMS?

The following are the major steps that are necessary for sending Bulk SMS.

  • Register to a bulk messaging tool and fill the form given. Follow steps like clicking on the Captcha code to prove you are a human.
  • Start a new bulk SMS account. Select the activation link you would get from the welcome e-mail you receive in your registered e-mail inbox.
  • Log into the account with the User ID and password you set up.
  • Include details like your Date of Birth/GSM number if the prompt appears onscreen.
  • Use the free testing option to check the bulk SMS sending process. Most platforms include a payment plan for sending the real bulk SMS to multiple phone numbers.

What is WhatsApp Bulk SMS?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and relevant instant messaging apps that cater to a wide audience globally. WhatsApp Bulk SMS is a feature that businesses/organizations use mainly to deliver a single message to a huge variety of recipients via the app. Users employ the Broadcast feature here for easier and wide-scale communication.

How to send WhatsApp Bulk SMS?

The following is a step-by-step guide to sending bulk messages via WhatsApp utilizing Official APIs.

  • Access the API platform of your preference and select the ‘Broadcast’ module available.
  • In the dashboard, you would see the ‘Broadcasts’ tab. Do select it and begin browsing through the options.
  • Next, you may see a “New Broadcast” button on the screen. Click on it.
  • Set the name of the broadcast, the template, and add the date and time for the broadcast.
  • Select “Next.”
  • You would get a list of all contacts. Choose from there or upload a prepped list of your own.
  • Click the “Add Broadcast” button.
  • Use WhatsApp broadcast analytics to track the bulk message impressions, replies, and open rates.

Comparison between Bulk SMS and WhatsApp Bulk SMS

Internet connection - Consumers need to have their internet connection switched on to receive the WhatsApp message. People can Send Bulk SMS without an internet connection necessity; the message would directly reach the target audience via their phone number.

Device accessibility - Standard Bulk SMS is compatible with different types of phones, unlike a WhatsApp Bulk SMS, which is accessible only for users who have the app installed.

Limit of messages - You can add approximately 256 SMS recipients via WhatsApp for a message broadcast. In contrast, there is no specific limit for regular bulk SMS.


Both WhatsApp Bulk SMS and regular bulk SMS options are valuable for brands for promotional or communication purposes. While the former is easier and free to utilize, the latter reaches a wider public and has no connection-related constraints. For the best reach potential, utilizing both mediums can be better for businesses rather than having a single one.

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