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Bitcoins Newest Competition

by Paul Guadagno 17 days ago in bitcoin


Updated version of “Alienote Will Take Bitcoins Lunch

As Bitcoin is a representation of future monetary gains created by computing power, Alienote will be a representation of monetary investments made to force full disclosure of Aliens and UFO /UAP technology by the governments of the world. The value of this happening would force a paradigm shift , with the advent of truly free energy and antigravity technology. It would create a brand new world economy, and a much more productive way of life for the people.

Unlike Bitcoin, each Alienote will be backed by a 24k gold token. (Real, Not Digital)

Yes, Alienote will be linked to gold. So, it’s backed by something rare and valuable and it doesn’t claim to be a currency. But still intends to try to change the world in a big way. It’s investing in uncovering free energy, and doesn’t depend on expensive electricity , like Bitcoin does.

Alienote being backed by gold makes a lot of sense. Let me explain why. The same way that world governments keep a lid on the reality of UFO technology, they also do everything in their power to force down the price of gold and silver. So, the more gold and silver go up, the more world governments will lose control of the economy. And that will be a direct measure of how much closer we are to full disclosure becoming reality.

I understand that this idea won’t make sense to anyone that doesn’t believe in UFOS and Aliens, but you might be surprised how many people actually do , but don’t really talk about it. This reality is slowly becoming mainstream, but the threat to our current status quo is gigantic. That’s why Nasa and world governments aren’t willing to admit it’s real. So only the bravest people will be willing to make this happen. Going a little deeper into this belief, I have to state that it’s possible that UFO technology exists without Aliens. This technology could have been created by Government Black Operations Projects. If this is the case, Alienote will still work and will be easier to get world governments on board with , because there’s no threat of Aliens they have to admit to.

How it will work

Anyone who wants to invest in Alienote can purchase the 24k gold token . They will receive and take physical delivery of the token which is .999 pure gold . (actual size and cost - not yet determined.) They will also receive the physical note that certifies their investment in Alienote. Smaller investments in Alienote will be backed by larger .999 pure silver tokens.

Not actual product
Not actual product
Images are to give an idea only

All profits will be used to force much larger mainstream interest in full disclosure of UFO technology . This will be a huge task, as the most powerful people in the world are doing everything in their power to make sure this reality doesn’t get out.

I know this probably sounds crazy, but is it any crazier than someone paying nearly $60,000 for a digital token like Bitcoin ?

One of Bitcoins original claims was that it was so great because it couldn’t be regulated by the government. Guess what ? Now its regulated. So its just another risk asset that people are paying too much for.

Regarding the article directly above. Bitcoin is not a substitute for gold !! It’s a risk asset just like the stock market. Wow, the Fed really is delusional ! It looks like this is an attempt by the Fed to get people to dump gold and buy Bitcoin. This proves that the real threat to the US dollar is gold and silver , not Bitcoin. Precious metals are the true safe havens, that’s why they go down when the US dollar goes up and vice versa.

Think about what’s going on with mainstream financial channels. Their narrative always pushes ideas to keep buying overpriced risk assets like the stock market and bitcoin.

At the same time, world debt is completely out of control and gold should already be over $5000 an ounce.

The narrative that’s being controlled in mainstream news is that the economy is in way better shape than it actually is. How much longer can we live in a fantasy world ?

“Alienote” idea is protected .

Stay tuned for more on how to invest in Alienote !

I need help getting this idea out. If you believe the Alienote idea is worth pursuing, please share this article with as many people as possible.

If we get enough interest and enthusiasm for it, we can move forward with making it a reality.

Thank you 🌟👽🛸

Paul Guadagno
Paul Guadagno
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