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Why Do We Love Rings? Discover Their Significance

by Furqan Ashiq 2 years ago in men

A sweet and short guide on men’s rings and the meanings they have.

A ring is the most popular accessory since ancient times. You can wear it on your fingers and toes or pair it with a light scarf or neckerchief to connect its ends. Every person can rock a ring - women and men, youth and elderly, and even children. Did you know that a ring is more than costume jewelry? Our ancestors attached great importance to rings and even gave them magical properties. They believe that finger jewelry might affect a person’s destiny. Do you want to learn more about it? Then don’t hesitate to look through this sweet and short guide on men’s rings and the meanings they have.

Significance of rings

A ring is an infinity wrapped around a finger. The center of a band is a conductor of celestial power. A ring has the shape of a circle, and the circle is considered to be the foundation of the universe. It has no beginning and no end. Therefore, it is a symbol of unity and eternity, just like Ouroboros, the snake who bites its own tail. At the same time, a ring represents time, which moves in circles and returns to the same point it started from.

According to ancient Greek mythology, Prometheus was the first to wear a ring. For him, it became a reminder of the chain that tied him to a rock. Apparently, this is why we wear rings as a symbol of engagement - they signify invisible chains binding spouses for life.

In the ancient world, rings were more than body ornaments. They also performed social and utilitarian functions. In ancient Rome, for example, wearing a ring indicated belonging to the upper class of society, the Patricians. In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs used rings as a seal to verify documents. In shoemaking, a ring replaced a thimble. Archers utilized wide rings to protect their fingers from bowstring cuts. Warriors and fighters put several large rings on their digits thus creating something like a brass knuckle.

Rings are associated with many legends. For example, it was believed that the ring of King Solomon gave power and health. The magic Nibelung ring gives untold wealth and power but the cost of owning it is too high. And, of course, you surely know the smooth golden ring from “The Lord of the Rings”, which can enslave the whole world.

The veneration of ring-shaped objects is rooted in the most ancient times. They are associated with white magic and family happiness. After all, the very shape of the ring is a sign of the infinity; therefore, they accumulate powerful supernatural energy. Rings and circles embellish not only fingers but also the head (headbands and hoops), ears (earrings), neck (necklaces), wrist and ankle (bangles). Even fastened belts constitute a ring, which, to some extent, can become a protective amulet.

Gems Adorning Rings

A precious stone complementing a men’s ring can increase its power. Each gem has a set of properties and can be helpful in certain situations. For example, a diamond is believed to give happiness, luck, and wealth. Aquamarine encourages a man to become audacious and fearless. Citrine helps to accumulate wealth. Garnet aids to bend people to your will. Lapis lazuli protects from evil spirits. Malachite is a strong amulet for children.

The way you obtained a ring with a gem is also important. If you get it as a gift or inherit it, a ring will have something magical in it. If you purchase it, it won’t have any power. A gem obtained in a dishonest way will bring nothing but troubles thus punishing you from wrong-doing. Jewels that witnessed disasters and bloody events can “remember” them and further radiate negative energy. Diamonds are especially infamous for absorbing negativity.

Main Types of Rings

Mankind has come up with an endless number of rings. Diverse in appearance, design, and purpose, modern rings combine the achievements of past centuries with new discoveries. Therefore, today the range of finger jewelry is as wide as never before.

Rings are normally broken down into two large groups: simple and complex.

Simple rings are unpretentious and discreet. These are bands, openwork rings, signets, and monogram rings. They have no inlays, encrusting, or enamel finishes. They consist only of metal alloys and nothing else. However, patterns molded of these metals can be quite intricate. Smooth engaging bands are the most common type of simple rings. More often than not, they become the men’s go-to option due to their relative simplicity.

Complex rings boast various inserts of precious and semiprecious stones, ornate mounts, filigree patterns, enamel, blackening, engraving, and embossing. As a rule, such rings consist of two main parts: a shank (the band) and setting (this is where a stone is mounted). Eternity, cocktail, solitaire, birthstone, anniversary, cluster, Claddagh and many more types of rings belong to this category. These items are mostly for women because of their sophistication and focus on small details.


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