Vera Wang - a short bio


Vera Wang - a short bio

Vera Ellen Wang is an American fashion designer who is based in New York. Veronica ' Vera ' Ellen Wang was born and raised in New York City, and is Chinese. Her parents were born in mid-1940s China, and moved to the USA. Her mother, Florence Wu, was a translator for the United Nations while her friend, Yanjing University, and MIT graduate Cheng Ching Wang ran a medicine business. Her maternal grandfather was the military-governor of the province, Wu Jingbiao. Wang has a younger sibling, Pound Ridge Golf Club, founded by Pete Dye pharmaceutical executive and owner Kenneth "Ken" Wang. Shortly after graduation from Sarah Lawrence University, Wang was recruited to become a Vogue reporter, making her the youngest writer on the publication. She worked 17 years at Vogue, leaving to settle in 1987 with Ralph Lauren, with whom she had been working with 2 years. She quits at 40 and is a freelance designer in bridal wear. On September 10, 2019, for her Spring / Summer 2020 fashion show, which celebrated her brand's 30th anniversary, Vera Wang returned to the New York Fashion Week runway after a 2-year sabbatical, during which she only displayed her designs through photos. The series received very positive reviews, Godfrey Deeny praising it as "a beautiful collection by one of the few New York designers with a clearly recognisable history of fashion," while Bridget Foley described Vera's designs as "Beautiful, seriously designed shoes with gutsy panache." However, the show was disrupted by a number of major footwear errors, particularly in the finals, where the shoes had been put. In 1990, she opened her own luxury boutique at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City, and displayed her signature bridal gowns. She has opened bridal boutiques in New York, London, Tokyo and Sydney and has since established her name through her collections of fragrances, shoes, eyewear, makeup and homeware. On 11th February 2011, David's Bridal launched "Pink by Vera Wang." The costs of bridal gowns range from $600 to $1,400 and provide a more affordable way to wear Vera's designs to more brids. In 2002, Wang began the home clothing company and launched The Vera Wang China and Crystal Line, followed by the 2007 launch of her discount brand, Simply Vera, which is exclusively sold through Kohl's. Woman Charlotte York found Wang's wedding dress to be the best wedding dress in the Sex and City TV series, and borrowed it for her reception from Trey MacDougal. Wang's design was described on NBC television show The West Side in the episode "The Black Vera Wang." Vera Wang stars as herself on ABC's Ugly Betty Television show, styling an outfit for Wilhelmina Slater's wedding to Bradford Meade. Vera Wang was in the movie Sex and the City with the bridal gowns that Carrie Bradshaw was wearing in her Vogue photo shoot. For the film Bride Wars, Vera Wang, Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson made gowns for rock style. In the film Diary of a Crazy, Black Girl, which scares Brenda, Madea rips off a dress made by Vera Wang. Too many at the Spies! Episode "The Wedding Crasher," a thief named Wera Van, takes vengeance on those who failed to wear her designs for marriage. In the TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer's episode "The Party" In the TV show How to Get Away With Murder, the actress Michaela Pratt played a custom Vera Wang wedding gown as she asked her fiancé, Aiden Walker, about his sexuality. Wang, as herself, brings President Samantha Mackenzie's daughter and her companion Mia to put on marriage dresses in First Daughter's national comedy. Mackenzie is said to be in close contact, squeezing her hands and kissing her cheek.

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