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The Love of Hats

by Patrick Parker 11 months ago in tips · updated 10 months ago
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Creating My Happiness

Creating My Happiness

I was a young boy when I discovered my love for hats. The different hats I put on during play time gave me permission to become a different character. A police officer, a firefighter, a boat captain, a football player, a baseball player and any other character I could dream of becoming as I played with my friends.

Throughout my teenage years I would look for hats that gave me confidence around others. It was a barrier breaker I did not realize at such a young age that helped me get out of my comfort zone. Hats have given me permission to be who I want to be. I always felt different with a hat on and now recognize it was a way of expressing my true self and creating happiness in my life.

My first hat creation was made out of Bud Light boxes that I turned into a cowboy hat for a college party. Wearing that Bud Light cowboy hat upon my head allowed me to open up to meeting new people. It was the icebreaker I needed to have a conversation due to being introverted around new faces at that time in my life.

I have continued to make my own hats as an expression of self love for my own sense of style. I enjoy how I feel when I am wearing my hats and the compliments on my creative ability being expressed through them.

The Happy Hatter

I am a Happy Hatter and I love making all of my hats pop! The creative process for me involves asking myself what I want to feel when I am wearing this type of hat. It also involves a pair of golden scissors, paint, sewing, and gluing materials to each hat.

My favorite colors to wear are blue, white and brown in felt and straw materials. All my hats have a splash of paint and a theme. I use my scissors to cut the hats if I feel it is calling for a trimming. I allow the hat to tell me how it wants to fulfill its destiny with me.

My Favorite Hats

Their names are The Sunny, The Duchess and The Blu.

The paint allows a splash of my personality to come through it for the world to see. The sewing of bandannas or cloth material is a way I am able to be intimate with the hats. Every stitch is carefully woven through the hat to ensure it is functional and beautiful. Every cut with my scissors is carefully thought out.

The Blu & The Duchess before painting

I love splashing my hats and other clothing I customize with paint. It is my signature that can be seen on my hats, shoes, and fanny packs.

The Sunny

The Sunny is named after one of my favorite flowers. The brown base color symbolizes the dirt from which all beautiful things must blossom from to show the world who or what they are to be. The white paint under the brim symbolizes the sun which helps all of creation grow.

The sunflower broach is the statement piece that ties it all together with the sunflower bandana that trails off the end. The Sunny is a hat for me that symbolizes standing tall in the sun for all the world to see.

The Blu

This hat features my signature splatter painting design with a solid base of blue on a felt hat. The third eye cut out allows air in through the flowery lace that is hand stitched. The lace adds a feminine energetic touch.

Upon the crown you will see blue sparkles that were laid into the wet paint as it dried to symbolize the crown chakra. The Blu for me represents the blue sky with passing clouds on a warm summer day that is a reminder to keep my head in the happiness clouds of life.

The Duchess

The Duchess has a pearl centered in the third eye to symbolize I am royalty in my own right if I claim it in my mind. The white color of the hat itself symbolizes the purity of becoming the person I fully desire to be.

The white and blue splatter paint on the white hat gives it an air of royalty feeling as I wear it. The Duchess for me symbolizes my ability to be the ruler of my happiness.

My Creative Process

My main goal for all my hats is to feel good wearing them. It all starts with the main color of the hat, the fit on my head and the type of material. The hat has to sit right on my head and the material has to feel right between my fingers.

When I touch it I want to experience the material as a part of the visual of the piece. I consider my hats artwork that I wear for the world to see. I am a walking fashion show and want the person looking at me to experience seeing me as a talking piece of art.

My Happiness Creations

The ideas I have for my hats develop over time and I allow inspiration to come to me for it’s birthing into the world. I grant myself the space to create everything I wear with self happiness in mind and that I am the only one who truly has to love it.

The hats I create to wear are full of symbols and thoughtful placement of the paint and objects. I love to emphasize the third eye and crown chakra on my hats as a way to highlight those areas in a spiritual way.

The materials I choose to sew into the hat are color coordinated to bring out the power hidden within the hat and enhance my outfits.

My Golden Scissors

My scissors act as a force of transformation. Carefully I outline possible cuts and I instinctively know how to cut into the material to create a new look in the hat as I did with The Blu.

I cut holes in the third eye center to sew in a material that gives it flair in the same way a main jewel does for a real royal crown. My scissors are an extension of my body and they want to cut away anything that is not letting the hat evolve into its true self.

Create Your Happiness

My love for wearing and making hats has helped me feel comfortable in my own skin. They give me the power to be who I want to be in this world. I am transformed when I wear my creations.

The feeling of being a walking piece of art is another reason why I coordinate my outfit colors to enhance the presence of my hat. I love to make art in all forms and my hats allow me to show it to the world.

I empower you dear reader to create your own happiness in this life by doing what you love. I know if you follow your bliss you will discover a reservoir of power within you that will propel you into creating a beautiful life.

I am a firm believer that everyone can create their version of happiness if they just take a step outside the comfort zone into the fun zone!

Do things that are fun and you will create your happiness!

Be Fabulous In Your Own Way 💙

Mr. Patrick Parker


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