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Reinterpretation of the Royal Oak’s Classic Dial Check With Pixel Art

by WeFancyWatch 2 months ago in men
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"Gérald Genta", the design master known as "Picasso in the watch industry", has created many classic masterpieces.

"Gérald Genta", the design master known as "Picasso in the watch industry", has created many classic masterpieces. For example, the Omega Constellation series, the IWC Engineer series, etc. have been redesigned. The most famous ones are the Patek Philippe Nautilus and the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

However, what many people do not know is that the classic Tapisserie pattern of the Royal Oak dial is not from Gérald Genta.

Around 1970, a Geneva company decided to transfer some of the machines capable of drawing delicate decorative patterns to the dial maker Stern Brothers, who, after the acquisition, showed these machines to visiting Gérald Genta and offered a variety of The pattern style let him choose, and finally a dial style named "T21" was selected, which was later known as the Royal Oak series Petite Tapisserie small check.

Today, the classic check pattern of the Royal Oak dial has been derived in several versions, including Petite Tapisserie small check, Grande Tapisserie large check, Méga Tapisserie extra large check, and Tapisserie Evolutive radial check.

From the size of the plaid to the changes in the arrangement, Audemars Piguet has deduced many classic masterpieces. Recently, the well-known watch modification brand AET REMOULD has boldly combined the plaid shape of the Royal Oak with the classic pixel game to create a unique Royal Oak work.

Specifically, the watch is based on the Royal Oak Offshore model. The dial is composed of blocks of different colors. The sub-dial refers to the button design of the game console. The entire dial depicts a classic pixel game screen, while The colorful use also further enriches the sense of visual hierarchy.

The scale circle on the edge of the dial adopts a blue-green gradient, which is very suitable for the flexible dial elements. Among them, the central second hand also incorporates the AET REMOULD logo, embellishing the brand characteristics.

The octagonal bezel is made of sapphire crystal. While restoring the classic shape, the transparent material characteristics also bring a pure look and feel. Not only that, AET REMOULD also replaced the waterproof rubber ring with the same green as the theme color, making the overall appearance more eye-catching.

The case is also made of sapphire crystal, which allows the wearer to easily appreciate the beauty of the movement through the transparent material. At the same time, sapphire crystal also brings a unique charm.

In order to create unity, AET REMOULD also applies sapphire crystal to the manufacture of the crown and buttons, and the combination of crystal and metal of the crown also incorporates the AET REMOULD logo.

The back of the watch is also worth mentioning, and the green waterproof rubber ring can also be exposed on the periphery of its edge. Secondly, the edge part of the fixed movement adopts the same gradient design as the edge of the dial, forming a clear echo.

In fact, this is not the first time that AET REMOULD has transformed the Royal Oak Offshore. For example, the previous AET REMOULD Spartan series is based on the theme of "Glory and Power" of Spartan warriors, strengthening the large-scale watch. design charm. But judging from the concept presented in this new work, this is a brand new concept work.

This watch is the beginning of AET REMOULD's new "Artist Collection", named "Grid Game". It is based on the Royal Oak offshore model, integrates pixel game art, and reinterprets the classic plaid shape. This shape is not a change in size and arrangement, but an interpretation of the remodeling of classic and artistic design with the brand's unique artistic ideas. of infinite charm.


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