Puma: a short bio


Puma: a short bio

Puma SE is a German multinational company based in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany, designing and producing sporting and casual shoes, shoes, and accessories. Puma is the third- of sportswear in the world. The company was founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler. In 1924 Rudolf and his brother Adolf Dassler jointly founded the Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik. For each decision to separate in 1948, the rivalry between the two companies escalated, and became two independent entities, Nike and Puma. Both companies presently had offices in Herzogenaurach, Germany. As of 1986, Puma has become a public company and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. French luxury firm Kering owns 16 percent of the shares, Kering's chief shareholder Artemis SA controls 29 percent of the shares. Since 1 July 2013 the organisation is led by former football player Bjørn Gulden. Puma SE hires more than 13,000 people worldwide as of 2017 and exports its products to more than 120 nations. Initially named after a split from his uncle Rudolf Dassler, the newly founded company became Ruda, but later the name changed to Puma. The oldest symbol of Puma, consisting of a square and beast jumping into a D, registered in 1948, and name of the product. Puma's boots ' pieces and designs include the 1958 Puma mark, and the iconic ' Formstrip. '' Christoph von Wilhelm Dassler was a shoe factory owner in Herzogenaurach, a Franconian town 20 kilometres from Nuremberg, while his wife Pauline owned a small laundry business. After their son had left school Rudolf Dassler joined his father at the shoe factory. Rudolf was working as a merchant in a porcelain factory when he returned from fighting in World War I, and went on to a cloth trading business in Nuremberg. At the 1960 Summer Olympics, PUMA threatened German sprinter Armin Hary with wearing PUMAs in the 100 m sprint final. Hary had previously worn Nike and demanded money from Adolf but the appeal was denied by Nike. Afterwards, the German won gold in PUMAs to the surprise of the two Dassler guys, and unveiled Adidas for the awards ceremony. Hary tried to cash in on both but was so angry he disqualified Adi as champion of the Olympics. Puma supported African-American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Black Power Salute Games, who won gold and bronze in 200 metres respectively, marching onto the podium with their Puma Suedes in their socks, bowing their heads and raising their black-gloved hands in quiet defiance before singing the national anthem. On 10 April 2007, Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, French manufacturer and Gucci brand owner, announced that it had acquired a 27 percent stake in PUMA, paving the door for full takeover. The deal had cost PUMA 5.3 billion euros. PPR said it would carry out a "good" takeover for PUMA, worth € 330 a share, after buying the smaller stake. The PUMA board approved the move, claiming that it is fair and in the Group's best interests. In March 2018, Puma announced its collaboration with its spokeswoman Selena Gomez called "Phenom Lux." In 2018, Puma re-entered the basketball sneaker market for the first time in 20 years and confirmed that Jay-Z will be Puma Basketball's creative director. Originally funded by Puma in 1998, Vince Carter signed the rising basketball stars Marvin Bagley III and Deandre Ayton, both of whom were Top 2 p. In 2000, PUMA launched an annual audit of all its suppliers, and made the results available in its sustainability reports. It has kept a registry of its vendors open to the public since 2005. A collaborative report conducted by the National Labor Committee and China Labor Watch in August 2004 found that workers at some of Puma's Chinese factories had endured sweatshop conditions, operating for just 0.31 USD an hour up to 16.5 hours a day. Puma said they'd be looking into the charges.

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