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Omega - a short bio

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Omega SA is a Swiss premium horloger located in the Swiss region of Biel / Bienne. Founded by Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1848, the firm was originally known as La Generale Watch Co. until 1903, when it acquired the name Omega, and became Louis Brandt et Frère-Omega Watch & Co. In 1982, the company officially changed its name to Omega SA and is now part of The Swatch Group. Omega opened the Biel / Bienne museum to the public in January 1984. In 1917 Britain's Royal Flying Corps used omega clocks for their combat units as the official timekeepers, much as the United States did. Combat, as of 1918. NASA had omega watches to pick from, and in 1969, the first Moon watch. Omega has also been the main timekeeping tool for Olympic Games since 1932. James Bond has worn it in film since 1995; other famous Omega wearers in the past and in the present include Buzz Aldrin, George Clooney, John F. Kennedy, Mao Zedong, Elvis Presley and Prince William. Founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, Omega's forerunner, La Generale Watch Co., made pocket watches from the parts supplied by local craftsmen for key-wound precision. Through Britain, he sent his watches from Italy to his key destination, Scandinavia. His two sons, Louis-Paul and César, developed an innovative in-house manufacturing system and complete production control in 1894 which allowed the component parts to be interchanged. They sold watches made under the name La Generale Watch Co Omega, using certain techniques. The Omega brand's success caused La Generale Watch Co to spin off the Omega brand as its own corporation in 1903, and the Omega Watch Co was officially founded in 1903. Though Omega and Rolex had dominated during the pre-quartz era, something shifted during the quartz crisis of the 1970s. Despite of their groundbreaking quartz movement, Japanese watchmakers like Seiko and Citizen got to the fame. For contrast, Rolex has opted to concentrate on its luxury mechanical chronometers where its power lies, while Omega has tried to compete with the Japanese in the quartz watch market with Swiss-made quartz movements. Between 1975 to 1981 the banks bailed out SSIH, ravaged by the severe currency crisis and contraction. Throughout this time Seiko expressed interest in having Omega but the talks resulted in zero. Following a radical financial overhaul, the R&D divisions of ASUAG and SSIH merged manufacturing operations at ETA complex in Granges. In 1983 the two companies joined hands to fully form ASUAG-SSIH, a holding firm. Two years later the family company was taken over by a group of private investors headed by Nicolas Hayek. This independent firm, called SMH, Société de Microélectronique et d'Horlogerie, has become one of the largest watch manufacturers in the world in the next decade. That founded the Swatch Brand in 1998 and now produces Omega and other brands including Blancpain, Swatch and Breguet. Omega's brand underwent a resurgence with ads based on product placement promotions, such as in the James Bond 007 movies; the character had originally worn a Rolex Submariner but moved to the Omega Seamaster Diver 300 M with GoldenEye and has remained with the latter ever since moving to the Omega Planet Ocean and Aqua Terra. Omega has introduced a series of business model changes that contributed to the growing market share of Omega and the success of the brand as a key rival for Rolex. Observatory work focused on the theory of Chronometry and the usefulness of using chronometers to precisely measure the time span. Last year both Patek Philippe and Omega partnered on the trials. The success of Omega at those events produced a reputation for the company's consistency and innovation. Since more than a decade Omega has been the leading maker of COSC chronometers.

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