Oakley: a short bio


Oakley: a short bio

Oakley, Inc., based in Lake Forest, California, and a subsidiary of the Italian multinational group Luxottica in Milan, designs, produces and produces athletic lifestyle products and luxury items, including sunlasses, outdoor visors, ski / snowboard goggles, watches, clothing, backpacks, boots, optical lenses, etc. Some of the goods are manufactured at their factories in-house but some countries have different designs which are specific to the country. Oakley reportedly owns over 600 patents relating to eyewear, footwear and protective devices. James Jannard started Oakley out of his garage in 1975, with an initial investment of $300. The name "Oakley" appeared in Jim's English Setter, "Oakley Anne." Jannard started selling what he dubbed ' The Oakley Handle ' from the back of his bicycle at motocross competitions. Unlike other grips his motorcycle grips were available at the time. The substance is now being used for making the earsocks on Oakley plates, including other portions of their nose and even their watch bands. Oakley plans to sell number stickers, gloves, sticks, elbow guards, chin guards and goggles for BMX and Motocross enthusiasts. Jannard released a pair of sunglasses, the O-Frame, in 1980. The brand received steady exposure and success with the ' Oakley ' logo on the box in the sporting industry. In 1983 Oakley started selling the ski-goggles for the first time. The first sunlasses from Oakley; the Factory Pilot Eyeshades were sport-oriented, goggle-like, and released in 1984. Following them was the Oakley Frogskin, a casual sunglass style manufactured in Japan in 1985. The company went public in 1995, collecting US$ 230 million. In early 1996 Oakley had a market battle with Italian company Luxottica, the world's biggest eyewear producers and distributors. Luxottica stopped distributing Oakley's products at its stores, including Sunglass Shelter, and Oakley's stock market valuation fell 33 per cent. In 2001, Oakley purchased from Iacon, Inc. a chain of mall-based sunglasses, Sunglass Accessories, Sports Shoes, and Occhiali da Sole stores. Oakley signed a four year consumer eyewear contract in September 2004, produced by itself and by Fox Racing. Jannard purchased large amounts of Oakley shares starting in 2004: $2 million in 2004, $16 million in 2005 and $4.6 million in early 2006, raising his financial stake in the company to 63%. In 2006 Oakley purchased a premium eyewear chain from Oliver Peoples Company, the $55.7 million high-end designer label eyewear manufacturer, and the 14-store Aspen Optical Store. On June 21, 2007, Luxottica announced its plan to buy Oakley in a $2.1 billion cash bid, paying a 16 per cent premium over the existing share price. On November 15, 2007, the deal was signed making Oakley part of a stable brand that includes Ray-Ban, Persol, and Vogue. After selling Oakley Inc. to Italian Eyeware company Luxottica Group in 2007, Founder James Jannard went on to found Red Digital Cinema. In plans for the ultimately successful rescue of thirty-three miners trapped in a Chilean mine in October 2010, a television writer told Oakley to add sunlasses to the relief activity, not knowing that the miners were wouling. Oakley's 35 pairs of sporting lenses donated by Scope, loaded with specially chosen tints. The US was sponsored in 2012 by the Oakley Group of the Olympic Committee, which extended the deal the same year until 2020. In August 2013 Oakley licenced REVO for $20 m to Concurrent Distributors. In September 2015, Oakley shut down their website for sales arm. Oakley Free, though maintaining the company's brick and mortar legacy. With extensive field testing and input from rivals including hostile conditions, a number of Oakley's technological advances, retail products, clothes etc. were produced. Oakley controls the USA, too. Uniform consideration which provides U.S. military and law enforcement eye protection.

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