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New Model of AET REMOULD Sparta Collection, A Wonderful Camouflage Sapphire Watch

by WeFancyWatch 2 months ago in trends
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The German Brand AET REMOULD is back with a new addition to the Sparta Collection, based on the Royal Oak Offshore model, using military camouflage patterns to create a highly eye-catching design.

The German Brand AET REMOULD is back with a new addition to the Sparta Collection, based on the Royal Oak Offshore model. Having previously introduced the first watch in the "Lochagos", this new model continues the wild, hard-boiled style of the collection, using military camouflage patterns to create a highly eye-catching design.

The new work is named 'Chameleon'. Camouflage is a common means of disguise in combat environments, as its pattern and colour are close to the environment in forests and grasslands, which can provide a good concealment effect. Camouflage has always been an important symbol both in the world of military and fashion, with its staggered patterns creating a highly striking and powerful style. On the other hand, A chameleon is a master of camouflage, good at changing its colour according to the environment, which may be the origin of the watch's name.

Back to the watch design, the overall colour palette of the watch is dominated by green, with a camouflage pattern on the dial in dark green, and light green, contributing to a very rich layering. Above this is are white chronograph sub-dial that references the sights on a firearm. The outer ring on the edge is covered in green with irregular dots that run from the outside inwards.

The seconds hand is brown with the AET REMOULD logo incorporated at the end for a striking and distinctive look. The crown pushers and the eight screws on the back of the watch are also imprinted with the brand's logo, while the back of the watch echoes the design on the dial, covered in green and decorated with dots of different colours.

The AET REMOULD uses a new graffiti technique to bring out the richness of the camouflage on the dial and other details, creating an eye-catching chameleon watch. The unique camouflage design and the oversized diameter of the watch showcase the rugged appeal of a large watch, and the excitement of jungle warfare through the camouflage pattern.

In addition to the design, the materials used in the new model are also a special feature. The dial, bezel, case and caseback are all made of sapphire crystal, which is pure and enhances the dazzling camouflage pattern. In fact, sapphire crystal is a signature of the AET REMOULD brand, and they have perfected this technique.

Sapphire is a very costly and labor-intensive material. And the unique shape of the "Chameleon", in particular, places even greater challenges on the craftsmanship. The oversized case, the octagonal bezel, etc., all test a brand's technical expertise and the craftsmen's skills, and in the end, the AET REMOULD meets the challenge admirably.

AET REMOULD portrays the masculinity of the watch with stylish and classic military camouflage elements. Unlike the "Lochagos", which focuses on the bloodlust and bravery of the warrior, the new model reflects a more contemporary understanding of the Spartan spirit.

The dial of the "Lochagos" watch is red and yellow to portray the fervour and toughness of a warrior and is further enriched by the irregular colourful graffiti. The new "Chameleon" follows this creation but portrays a modern military style. Its combination of hard-boiled camouflage elements and rigorous watchmaking techniques exude a strong sense of toughness.

In terms of design, the two Spartan models can be said to be in the same vein, such as the colour of the central seconds hand and the logo markings, to name but a few. Personally speaking, "Chameleon" is a very distinctive AET REMOULD watch. It's also one of the few large-size watches on the market that combines camouflage elements with sapphire crystal, making it a unique bold timepiece.


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