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My 6 Nostalgic Fashion Trends

by Shamar 11 days ago in trends

Three accessories, two items of clothing and one trainer from the year 2000-2010 that I need to see in retail stores.

My 6 Nostalgic Fashion Trends
Photo by Joshua Koblin on Unsplash

I was born in 1997 but I feel like I didn’t really begin to ask my parents to buy me trending items of clothing until I was about 8 years old. At the age of 24, I much prefer accessory to clothing items. My entire outfit can be the cheapest and most basic thing you've ever seen, but I truly believe that with the right handbag, right necklace, trainers, rings and sunglasses you can make any outfit look outstanding. A serious perk with my accessories is that they are a lot cheaper than buying the latest pair of jeans, jumpsuit, or dress.

Saying this, in my childhood days, my mother always made sure I was in the latest clothing as she is a fashionista. If it was up to me, I would have either walked around naked or worn the same clothes for the rest of my life. I've always grown up with my mum consistently buying my siblings and I new clothes - most of the time for absolutely no reason. When I reflect on it, I took absolute advantage of this. As a child I had no conceptualisation as to what a fashion trend was and that sooner or later my favourite items would go out of style!

Below are three different accessories and two different types of clothing that need to make a comeback:

1. Scoobies

I would spend hours making these things! My brother and I every Saturday morning would attend swimming classes. Annoyingly, they were half an hour apart so I would have to sit around waiting for my brother to finish. Luckily, I had the pleasure of making scoobies so I could attach them to my locker keychain for school or make friendship bracelets.

Image taken from WordPress.

Some of my classmates had LOADS of these things on in all different colors, square ones, circle ones and some of the professionals (usually the older kids) had turned them into love hearts and letters. Exchanging bracelets was always fun and I can remember wearing loads on both my wrists. I am blessed with small wrists so it was always easier and quicker to make scoobies. I actually recall that my school had to ban them in the end because they were causing so many arguments and creating a lot of cry babies (guilty).

Scoobies are available to buy on Amazon and I regret not buying a large pack to play with during lockdown to pass the time.

2. Badges

Now this one is a real throwback. My childhood best friend Olivia and I had a badge-making kit called Badge It Maker. The exact one I had was the blue clear one so you could see the badges going through the middle and getting made by the magic machine.

The idea behind the machine was to print out or get a small image (big enough to fit on the front of the badge) on one side of the machine and put an empty badge on the other side of the machine. At the top of the machine, there's a big knob you turn which allows both items to meet in the middle and press into each other. When you release the knob, the final product is your new badge.

Olivia and I spent hours cutting out magazines and trying to come up with new badge designs that no one in school would have (because everyone always copied each other) and pin them to our school bags and denim jackets.

Society needs to reintroduce badges on clothes and bags and re-release this machine!

3. Knocker hair bobbles

One accessory that takes me back to my lower school years in the very early 2000s is the knocker hair bobble. I had tons of those things in my hairband box! My mother would do my hair every morning and I would be able to pick which color I wanted. Most of the time, the knocker hairbands I wore were circle but you could also get them with flowers or butterflies.

Image from Pinterest.

I can remember getting the hair bobbles and knocking them against on each other so I can hear the satisfying clank.

Society would tell us that these are too childish for a 24-year old but I digress. They're a hairband so they do the job of holding up your hair but you can also color coordinate the bubbles to your outfit.

4. Quarter length jeans/leggings

I know what I said, I'm an accessories girl. However, I would really like to see quarter-length leggings and jeans come back. They're perfect for that horrid weather where it's blazing hot but it's also raining because they're still exposing your leg but not enough leg for you to get cold or too wet.

When I was a kid, I had a grey pair of quarter-length jeans that had buttons all over them and matched with my grey boxy top. On non-uniform day, this was my go-to outfit, and my mum used to get irritated at me picking the same outfit over and over because she didn't want me to look like I didn't have any clothes!

Image taken from Pinterest.

You can currently buy quarter-length leggings and jeans but they really aren't trending in the fashion world. I don't want to step out in the open wearing them and everyone stares at me thinking "Wow, those are so old school!"

One main reason why I want this trend to come back is because I have a new tattoo on my calm and when I'm wearing leggings and jeans, you cannot see it. Perhaps I should be the trendsetter and lead the way.

5. Poncho

A poncho is like a cardigan but it's basically a blanket with a hole and it goes over your head.

When I was a kid, I can remember my mum buying me a poncho from Gap and me hating them. They reminded me of my Grandma! My one used to have furry balls dangling at the bottom of it but when we got my cat, this poncho excited her and it wasn't long before she ripped them all off and ruined them.

One day at school, my mum made me wear my poncho and I can remember purposefully leaving it in a random locker, coming home and telling her I lost it. For days she banged on about me having to get the poncho from lost property and in the end I gave up and brought it home.

However, now I’m older and much wiser (so I like to think) I can understand the practicality behind the poncho. These are perfect for the spring/autumn weather for when the sun is up but it's not hot enough to wear a t-shirt and it's not cold enough to wear a jacket. Why not just wear a poncho?

Image from Pinterest

6. Heelys

This one is my absolute favourite. Do you remember the trainers with the wheels at the bottom? These trainers were like skates but not as dangerous. You could also take the wheel out and wear them as trainers.

I think I had the most fun with these when I was a kid. My pair were pink and white with baby pink wheels. Whenever my parents were going to the store, I would always ask to come if I knew the shop had a flat, smooth surface so I could skate along the floor.

My favourite place to skate was a building store called Homebase because they had a huge store with a smooth floor. One day, I remember a shopping assistant coming up to my mum and telling her we had to leave because Heelys were banned in the store. Apparently, a kid slipped and fell into an item which caused them serious injury. Homebase had some pretty heavy and dangerous items floating around because they were a building store so I can see why they were banned.

Call me crazy, but I want these shoes to come back as a form of transport. We have whacky forms of transport like e-scooters, self-driving cars and even Uber Boats - so what about Heelys? We would get to our destinations a lot quicker, save a lot of money on transport and also help the environment.

You can still buy Heelys in some small businesses, but the point I’m trying to make is that they need a huge comeback.

In summary, those are my six nostalgic trends. Each item has an extremely vivid memory and a story behind it. I want to appease my inner child and start wearing these accessories again before I get too old and won’t be able to keep up with the latest trends...

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