Keep the fashion trends in your closet

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History repeating itself

Keep the fashion trends in your closet

Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression

Trends are influenced by several factors, including cinema, celebrities, climate, creative explorations, innovations, designs, political, economic, social, and technological. Examining these factors is called a PEST analysis. Fashion forecasters can use this information to help determine the growth or decline of a particular trend. It helps to know more about the Fashion arena and lifestyle in the modern world.

Fashion, over time, has changed drastically, but somehow fashion keeps finding a way to repeat itself. This is mainly the result of fashion designers deciding to bring back old trends. Designers believed that since these trends were popular at one point, they have a high chance of becoming popular again.

The "20-year Rule" one of the most common concepts in the fashion industries. When shopping for the newest trends in 2020 my mom kept saying how she wishes she kept her clothes as a teen to give to me.

The fashion that has become popular over the years is the recreation of many previous decades. Fashion designers often reference looks from a specific era. The reason for this can be simply explained. Fashion designers are inspired to recreate something old and put their own spin on it to make their designs feel modern and new.

People love to feel nostalgic, we love to express ourselves and individually, one can do so through fashion. Fashion is also influenced by what we watch and listen to, for example if you love watching "That 70's Show" and listening to Lana Del Rey you may express your flow-free, rebellious spirit through bohemia/hippie trends such as a lot of statement jewelry, corset tops, lace, bell bottoms ect.

Another example is the clothing worn during the 1990’s, very similar to clothing worn today. For example, the schoolgirl look, which is a plaid skirt and a white buttoned top, is still worn today by many people. Also, crop tops, that were often worn for various occasions, have been brought back from the 1990’s. They are mostly worn by young women, and they aren’t limited to a time of day or place. Another trend that has come back from the 1990’s is the grunge look. The grunge look consists of clothing such as a plaid shirt coordinated with a hat, such as a beanie, to accessorize the look. This grunge look has returned and can be seen as casual wear worn by everyone, especially celebrities.


We evolve and grow and reproduce, evolution of life... younger generations did not experience those "old" trends making everything seem "new" to them, hence why old trends are repeated.

Fashion designers tend to produce clothing similar to the clothing that they watched on TV when they were younger. Many fashion designers also bring back old trends because they became inspired by the clothing of a particular time period. For example, many fashion designers were inspired by the Greeks, so their clothing reflects the Greek culture and art. The concepting of draping was created by the Greeks and was typically seen in costumes. Today, many fashion designers incorporate the idea of draping in many elegant dresses.


introduction phase ---> Rise (increase in sales) ---> peak ( acceptance phase) ---> decline ---> rejection ---> Time ---> introduction phase (repeats itself)

Quarterly cycle

The return of the fashion cycle does not necessarily mean that history is repeating itself either, but fashion designers have noticed that fashion trends have a quarterly cycle – fashion trends return every 25 years. Fabrics might be different, shapes might be slightly different, but colors and patterns remain the same. For example, when Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991, clothes with Russian letters were popular on the runaways in Paris. 25 years later, when fear of ISIS and terrorism is present all over the world, designers use fabrics with Arabic writings on them.

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