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Freedom In Fashion

by Patrick Parker about a year ago in trends
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Be You Always

Freedom In Fashion
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Fashion is freedom for the painting of life that I dare to make. It has allowed a freedom of expression I have never felt before in my life. I am enthralled by the outfits I can create when only caring about how I feel. There is a great power we all can grasp if we dare to express ourselves in our attire.

The world is full of people telling you how to be in order to be accepted. Do this, do that, and you’ll be loved. I have found that dressing as others want you to dress creates the most stress.

Constantly looking in the mirror to see if you fit an ideal of someone’s view of the world. It’s a trap! I empowered my desire to dress as I wanted and eventually broke the mold that I was placed in as a child.

It’s all someone else’s opinion of how they think the world should be and how you have to be in it.

The only sensible thing to do is to throw out all those opinions of the world and create your own opinion of yourself. If you know who you are and who you desire to be you can be free. Cast away the criticism of not fitting in and stand out in your own way.

The only mold for you to follow is the one that your heart desires. Accepting your taste in clothing and being fabulous in it is the way to live. The world will tell you based on whether you were born male or female that you have to dress a certain way. That you have to stay in that genre of dressing because that’s what males or females are supposed to do.

You can wear pearls if you are a male. The oyster did not produce pearls and proclaim, “Pearls are only for the girls!”

The oyster took sand and turned it into a beautiful jewel that we humans now wear. It has no sex or gender in the producing of the pearl. The oyster only has the desire to produce the pearl and nothing more. It did not assign anything to the pearl except it’s desire to bring it into being. Humans got their hands on it and decided all the rest.

The same is true for diamonds. You’ve heard the expression from they hit song by Marilyn Monroe. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Nonsense!

Marilyn did not even like diamonds. She just sang a song that then created a fad for women. Ladies you decide who your best friend is and gentlemen do not assume all women love diamonds.

Express The True You

Express yourself as you want and only listen for the compliments that support your sense of style.

Once I embraced my sense of style my entire world changed. My adventures into the world dressed in my sense of style has given me a profound new respect for my own taste. And it’s absolutely yummy!

Who is to tell you what mold you fit in?

No one.

You are to design your own mold of how you want to present yourself to the world.

Yes, there are many different types of styles and the only opinion that matters about what you wear is your own. This world will throw its opinions at you in an attempt to dress you the way they desire to see you.

If you follow your own North Star and love how you dress in all its glory you will eventually have only experiences of compliments.

They will flock to you asking how you did it and you will know that you did it your way. That decision to be you and trust your own taste is what makes you feel good in an outfit.

If you want to be free you’ve got to dress the way that you desire.

Not the way the world thinks you should dress.

Not the way your parents think you should dress.

Not the way that your friends think you should dress.

You’ve got to be you!

The you that you desire to be!

You have to dress the way you want to be!

Live free and make it fashionable!

In conclusion, dear reader, remember that the opinions of others stink and yours smells like roses. Smell your own roses from now on and value them higher than the flowers of others.

Be Fabulous In Your Own Way💙

Patrick Parker


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