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Fashion During Covid

by Jennifer Pike 15 days ago in trends

aka Video Call Chic

Fashion During Covid

Note: Edited on September 29, 2020: When I first wrote this article about fashion during Covid lockdowns in April 2020 it was meant as a tongue in cheek piece. I was still in denial that we would be where we are come fall. Here we are, though, and the 2020 New York Fashion week has unofficially dubbed the style of the year “Video Call Chic.”


If you follow this blog you know that for the past few seasons I have done a fashion forecast for women of Generation X. I choose several looks that I like and that I think would look good and feel good wearing. On the blog I show the looks on models. Over on Instagram I match the outfits of the models with items from my own closet and mimic their poses. I make my husband take these pictures of me and then I post them side by side with those of the model. It’s great fun for me although a dreaded time for my husband who no longer allows me to discuss how much weight I’ve gained in the past few years.

Crazy how it just sneaks up on you like that. It started when the dryer we have started “shrinking my favorite jeans” and hasn’t let up since. At least now I’m not eating pub food every day and I’m actually exercising for entertainment. Some good may come out of this lockdown.

But I digress. Without further ado, here are my thoughts on this season’s fashion…

New Meaning for Business Casual

Ah the classic white shirt. It never really goes out of style. It can easily be paired with anything including cut off jean shorts or pajama bottoms. After all, no one is going to see your bottom half.

Being serious for a minute, printed shirts would be great for adding a little color and personality to the monitor people will be looking at while talking to you. These tops came from Zara and can be ordered online at

Party on the Top, Lazy on the Bottom

Camis have been back the past couple of years or so. They pair as nicely with your jeans as they do with your favorite pajama bottoms. Great for girs’ night in. This pair from Amazon even has litle wine bottles on them. The cami is from my favorite clothing store, Anthropologie.

More comfortable and colorful looks. Both of these outfits are from Anthropologie and can be ordered online. In fact, by the time you read this I may have purchased them. Anthropologie is not cheap but their clothes last a long time and rarely go out of style. I still have some items from them in my closet that I purchased decades ago. (Marie Kondo who?)

But Seriously…

PJ bottoms! Whether you get them at Target, Nordstrom or Anthropologie they are your best friend right now.

Remember Champion Sweatshirts? If you were a teenage girl living on the East Coast during the 80’s chances are you owned a few extra-oversized sweatshirts. How lucky they’ve made such a comback in time for us to wear them around the house now. On the right is a sweatshirt by Wildfox. I love their sweatshirts. They have such cute styles. Also they’re thinner than other sweatshirts so they look a little nicer and they are so soft.

Yoga pants and leggings. A tried and true favorite and a step up from sweatpants. These are perfect for your once a day trip to the grocery store or walk around your neighborhood while social distancing.

Last but definitely not least, if you do find that you want to up your game making a coronavirus season fashion statement, these super cute and comfy onesies ar the way to go. Jumpsuits are still fashionable and there are so many great styles out there. These three are from another favorite shop of mine, Free People, who are owned (maybe not so coincidentally) by the same company that owns Anthropologie.

Jennifer Pike
Jennifer Pike
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