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Don’t Be Shoe Shamed

An open letter to women who are told they have too many shoes.

By Brenda MahlerPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Don’t Be Shoe Shamed
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Is your shoe collection a source of pride?

When dressed in the “right pair” matched to the “perfect dress” do heads turn? Can your cowboy boots give you the confidence to kick butt? Might the world end if those worn out, comfy slip-ons by the door disappeared? Have you ever bought a new pair because you had a bad day- and life improved? Have you ever experienced buyers regret after spending money on a new pair of shoes?

If the answer is YES to any or all of these questions, you are a normal, female.

Some women gain courage in a stiletto; others only relax in flip flops. A friend stores her shoes in her walk-in closet on a series of shelves taller than her organized by color, and every color is represented. I myself have evolved through many shoe stages — from a Payless Shoes kind of gal to heels that empowered me with authority, to casual flats allowing me to chase the kids, to the current day when I wear expensive walking shoes with Good Feet insoles to support my aching back and aging body.

The shoes make the woman — Plain and simple. However. . .

Have you ever heard,” If I only had the money you spend on shoes?”

Does any straight man understand the power of the shoe?

Does shoe shaming make you question if you need a new pair?

Question no more!

If your boyfriend, spouse or significant other complains about your shoes, get in touch with reality.

Most men have more shoes than women. Yes, really.

My husband likes to point to the few lined up on the floor of his closet and proclaim he doesn’t need many: black dress shoes, sandals, cowboy boots (which he hasn’t worn in 15 years), and tennis shoes.

Then when he is not thinking clearly he asks why women need so many different pairs. And on days when he is feeling extremely brave, or he is experiencing a bout of mental fatigue, he actually has been known to shoe shame me. But if the truth is told, men are like chipmunks storing nuts for winter; they have multiple pairs hidden away.

In case you haven’t noticed each activity men pursue requires a uniquely designed pair of footwear.

If your loved one, like mine, participates in multiple hobbies, he owns multiple pairs of shoes. My husband has distributed throughout our residence golf shoes, bowling shoes, motorcycle riding boots (a different pair for dirt and street), hiking boots, hunting boots, snow boots, and the list grows depending on the season.

If you have ever experienced the art of shoe shaming after your significant other noticed the many organized shoes lining the bottom of your closet, shed the guilt.

Pay attention women! His foot ware is simply stored elsewhere. The bowling shoes are under the ball in the bag on the top shelf (very top — look higher) in the closet. The hunting boots are in the garage next to the safe holding the guns.

The golf bag has a special compartment for the shoes. In the trunk of the car can be found the extra pair just in case, and the bed of the truck holds the dirt bike and riding boots. Look around. You may have to dig, but he owns shoes, a lot of them. They exist.

Now, stop being ashamed of the full shoe rack, wall, or the multiple containers under your bed. Be proud of what you have amassed and know each pair allows one of your multiple personalities to emerge. Express yourself.

Oh, and by the way, there is a shoe sale at the mall. There always is!


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