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5 keys to adopt Wednesday's gothic style

The success of the Netflix series, coupled with the beauty of Wednesday, has made the gothic style trendy again.

By Ninfa BiPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Wednesday sets the trend in fashion

Since Netflix premiered Wednesday on November 23, gothic fashion has come back stronger than ever. Wednesday Friday Addams, such is her full name, is a troubled teenager who nevertheless has a stylish fashion sense that makes her look amazing. Wednesday, played by the talented actress Jenna Ortega, has brought gothic style to fashion.

The basics of gothic fashion can be summed up in the predominance of the color black, dramatic makeup and an irreverent attitude when it comes to wearing it.

If you want to follow Wednesday's gothic style, pay attention to the following tips.

#1.Choose black

Black dress for special events

If you want to look like Wednesday your closet should be predominantly black. Basically you have to have a long sleeve black dress and a short sleeve black dress. You can add small details in colors like white or red. If you have to go to a party choose a black dress with lace and ruffles.

The gothic trend will be present throughout 2023 and that's why you should have fashion accessories like a black bag with studs, chokers and fishnet stockings.

As for footwear, you should also choose black. The gothic style looks good in loafers, moccasins and long-legged boots.

If you follow this style, you should have garments with transparencies, designs with lace and leather or latex clothes.


Wednesday's braids

Wednesday wears her hair long and straight, which varies according to the different hairstyles she adopts depending on the occasion. Her hair color is jet black, which looks healthy and shiny. If you want a more daring style you can dye some strands in blue and violet, which will generate great impact around you. Wednesday wears her hair up in braids and bangs, which adds mystery to her look. If you don't have a neat hair like Wednesday's, you can discipline your hair with styling cream to achieve the desired style.

#3. Makeup

Dramatic makeup

The first thing you need to do is place concealer on your eyes, but not with the intention of covering imperfections or dark circles, which are an essential part of the look; instead be sure to create an eye-lengthening effect to achieve that mysterious look. To do this, place the product diagonally from the corner of your eyes and under the tear trough. Blend to perfection.

For a perfect skin like Wednesday's you can apply your foundation, but make sure the layer is very thin to get a natural face with a porcelain skin effect.

Contour your face to make it more tapered; for this you can apply your preferred technique and according to your features, or just place it under the cheekbones to make the face thinner.

Now comb your eyebrows and apply little makeup, remember that they should look natural, defined and full.

Take some black shadow and apply it on the corners of the eyes to get that lengthening effect on the eyes, very similar to the siren or foxy eyes. If you wish, you can use a black eyeliner, but make sure it doesn't steal the limelight.

#5.How to wear gothic style well

Gothic attitude

Gothic style is a fabulous fashion trend that can make you look amazing, if you know how to wear it correctly. First of all, remember that if you wear this style you will project the image of a mysterious, distant and sophisticated woman. If you like the idea you should adopt an individualistic attitude, focus on yourself and don't pay attention to other people's opinion. Keep in mind that your clothes, makeup, hairstyle and other fashion accessories must be perfectly presented to achieve the aesthetic effect you are looking for. While gothic is a somber style, it can also be said to be extremely elegant.

If you follow the gothic style guidelines well, be sure that you will shine among your friends and you will shine on social networks.

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