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Veteran Benefits, Made Easy!

New site for military Veterans offers simplified help with complex VA processes

By Matt CatesPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Veterans Benefits, Explained Simply

Money for Vets is a new, completely free online resource dedicated to finding and explaining Veteran benefits to Vets, military members, dependents, and caretakers.

From disability compensation to home loans and death benefits, there are tons of amazing Veteran benefits out there, but it's nearly impossible to know about them all. The Veterans Affairs does their part by posting information on their various websites, but sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the information. It can also be challenging to understand some of their jargon and figure out exactly how to get benefits.

Recently launched, this new site, which has no affiliation with the VA, focuses on taking existing but often complex information from various Veterans Affairs websites and other sources, then summarizing it into more easily understood formats and blogs.

Created by a retired Air Force Knowledge Operations Manager (me) for other Vets, this new resource is unique in its simplified layout, making it easier to stay aware of the available help that's out there.

All information is free of charge and there are no products sold on the site (other than through non-intrusive ads from third-parties, as are standard for virtually all websites).

Select a One of Two Main Topic Areas

Currently, the site is focused on two broad areas—Veterans Affairs benefits and civilian job assistancefor military members who have recently transitioned out of the service.

Designed to be as user-friendly as possible, the site was made with both younger and older Veterans in mind. Older Vets may suffer from visual impairment or simply wish to have a simpler interface than what VA websites offer, whereas younger users may enjoy the mobile-friendly experience offered by clickable visual elements.

The Money for Vets home pageis dedicated to allowing users to select the main area they wish to explore. Simply click on one of the two images presented and this will take users to a new page, as we'll explain below.

VA Benefits Section

Users who select the VA Benefits Help section will be taken to a new page with (currently) six sub-topics. These are:

After clicking on the image related to the subtopic of their choice, users will be taken to a new page dedicated to that subtopic and filled with beneficial information, which they can put to use immediately.

With so many Veteran benefits out there, it is a monumental task to translate them all into more readily understood blogs and articles.

The site is still growing, with additional information added frequently. Also, as VA policies change, the site will alert users of these important updates which often go unnoticed by the general public.

Transition Assistance

Users who select theCivilian Job Helpwill be taken to a new page featuring sub-options for:

After clicking on the image related to the subtopic of their choice, users will be taken to a new page dedicated to that subtopic and filled with beneficial information which they can put to use immediately.

Money for Vetsfeatures resources on resume and cover letter writing, interview tactics, and other vocational information relevant to service members who transitioned out of the military.

The intent behind this section of the site is to help encourage Veterans by offering advice from those who went before, so they don't have to "reinvent the wheel." It features shard lessons learned about post-transitional employment in the civilian world, which also encouraging users to submit their own stories.

Hot Topics Blog Section

The blog section is dedicated to offering short reviews of some of the longer form content on the site's main pages, and offers a quick snapshot of some of the useful information found throughout the site.

The mission of the site is to enabling Veterans to help themselves.

Our current tagline is: You Served. Now You Deserve Your Benefits

We offer motivation for eligible Vets to actually take advantage of what is owed them because, all too often, Veterans do not take the time to go out there and get what rightfully belongs to them. Money for Vets encourages Veterans to do that, for their family's sake if not their own.


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Matt Cates

Freelance writer and owner of Cates Content and Copywriting; retired Air Force Veteran; former administrative assistant at Oregon State University; author of Haveck: The First Transhuman, the greatest sci-fi novel in the multiverse.

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