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Manimahesh Helicopter

Manimahesh Helicopter

By Priyanka jainPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Manimahesh Helicopter

Manimahesh Lake is a beautiful and spiritual lake in Chamba district, Himachal Pradesh's Pir Panjal range. Also called Dal Lake. This 4,080-meter-high lake is as important as Lake Mansarovar. Shiva's adornment, Manimahesh. Snowfall closes Manimahesh Helicopter Yatra most of the year.

To reach this lake, tourists and pilgrims must travel 13 kilometres through mountains and vegetation. The lake attracts pilgrims. It's held on the eighth day of the new moon in August and September. Manimahesh Yatra is that journey. Want more lake info? Read the whole article.

Manimahesh legend

Legends surround Manimahesh Lake's origin. They say. After marrying Parvati, Shiva created the lake. Avalanches and blizzards are considered to be Shiva's wrath. Legends say the lake is Shiva's penance.

The Gaddi (shepherd) tribe is said to have accepted Shiva as their deity and received his Chuhli cap. Tribe members wear the Chhalia cap, chola, and dora. He called the site Shivbhoomi and declared himself a devotee.

In mythology, the land is home to Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. A waterfall on the approach to Lake Vishnu and a mound overlooking Bharmour are considered to be Brahma's heaven, Shiva's. Shiva rules for 6 months of the year before handing over to Vishnu.

Manimahesh Lake's Best Season

When to visit Manimahesh Lake. Manimahesh Lake is 4,080 metres high. Winter is snowy. Manimahesh Lake is open April to November. In Bhadon or August-September, Manimahesh Lake holds a fair. This is lake season.

Manimahesh Lake Tips

• Manimahesh Yatra should be done with some precautions.

• Beware of the many worshippers.

• Visit the lake with warm clothes, water, and food.

• Lakeside restaurants are scarce.

• Carry Manimahesh Trek equipment.

• Never hike alone. Trek with a guide and others.

• Hike slowly.

• If you're sick, avoid Manimahesh.

• This hike is beautiful; bring a camera.

• High-altitude Manimahesh suffers network issues.


Manimahesh has a sacred place 4,080m above sea level. It's a pilgrimage spot with numerous mysteries. Tourists and devotees are mystified by Manimahesh. Manimahesh Lake's origins are unknown. It's still a mystery. Manimahesh Lake's origin is shrouded in mythology. Which reveals origins.


Manimahesh Yatra is the site's principal attraction. On the eighth day of the light half of the moon in Bhadon, a lake fair is conducted. Thousands of tourists swim in the lake's sacred waters. In August or September, Manimahesh Yatra goes from Janmashtami to Radhashtami. The yatra covers 14 kilometres barefoot. The yatra includes a hymn-singing procession.

Locally called "Holy Chhari." The trek to Manimahesh begins at Lakshmi Narayan Temple and Dashnami Akhara in Chamba. Once there, pilgrims take a holy plunge in the lake and circumambulate it thrice to seek the Lord's favour. Gaurikund and Shiva bowls are used by female worshippers.

Manimahesh Kailash

Manimahesh Lake is a popular destination for worshippers and trekkers in the Pir Panjal region of the Himalayas. According to mountain lovers and trekkers, the journey to Manimahesh is one of the most beautiful and thrilling in Himachal Pradesh. The easiest walk to Manimahesh begins in Hadsar. First couple kilometres are uphill.

The road then zigzags toward the first Mani Mahesh stream. Dhancho is 1 kilometre away. Sundarsi is reached from Dhancho via a flower- and herb-filled valley. Sundarsi has two treks. First hike is easy, second is harder. From Bhairav Valley, he reaches Gaurikund. Gaurikund's initial route. Mani Mahesh Nala traverses a girder bridge.

Manimahesh Lake's Beauty

Manimahesh Lake is fed by snowmelt from nearby peaks. By June, it thaws. It flows into the lake in little streams. Green slopes and floral streams make the valley lovely. That's bliss. Manimahesh Lake reflects snow-capped peaks.

Manimahesh Lake Helicopter Ride

If Manimahesh Helicopter 2023 can't make the yatra trip. Or soar over Manimahesh's gorgeous sceneries. Choose helicopter ride. Bharmour or Chamba to Manimahesh by helicopter. Gauri Kund is by helicopter. Then 1 kilometres.

Manimahesh Lake Directions

Three roads reach Manimahesh. Kutti Pass connects Lahaul and Spiti to Manimahesh. Kangri and Mandi to Bharmour near Holi, Karari village, or Jalsu pass to Tairi village. Train is the easiest way to reach Bharmour. From Hadsar village to Manimahesh Lake is a 13-km hike. All routes have buses, private and shared taxis.


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