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High school military training experience

by Angela  Norris 4 days ago in education
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In this hot and sunny late August, the 5-day military training started in full swing. These days

High school military training experience
Photo by Paul Pastourmatzis on Unsplash

In this hot and sunny late August, the 5-day military training started in full swing. These days, we feel long and short, full of hardship and happiness, and now 5 days are about to pass, I suddenly find that I feel more lingering and reluctance.

  Yes, the military training is very hard, think back, bitter in the feet wear out the blisters, bitter in for the step kick numb legs, bitter in standing military posture tired sore waist, military training is so bitter, I certainly also have the time to retreat. But I persisted, military training is a process, a test of self, the process of self-training, halfway and abandoned is a shame. We all grit our teeth and never stop training as a last resort. How many of us collapsed while standing under the stormy sun, and how many of us were persuaded by our instructors to go to the side to rest, knowing that military training is supposed to hone our will and exercise our body, so why should we give up? When I think of this, I will grit my teeth and push through. Maybe fortitude in the tired and sore waist pile up, and finally will be solid, upright, and unyielding. Perhaps these are not suffering, but a harvest, a harvest that will benefit me for life, I harvest is endurance perseverance is brave, unyielding, but also team spirit. No matter what I do in the future when I think of today's suffering and harvest, all hardships and dangers will become indifferent. I think this is the purpose of military training, right?

  Yes, we also feel a lot of happiness from military training. From the neat footsteps and high slogans, I experienced the joy of unity, from the resounding military songs, I experienced the joy of advancement, when our formation was praised by the leaders after a whole day of training, I smiled with satisfaction and pride, when we pulled songs together with the next class, we felt the warmth of the collective... Here, we cheered loudly, we laughed loudly, and here, we left our best memories!

  The two instructors' throats were hoarse, but they still shouted "At ease", "Attention", "One, two, one" and "Walk in unison" with strength. ". During training, they are as strict as all instructors, focusing on discipline and excellence; however, they are more attentive, caring for each student, and trying to meet the requirements of each student without losing their principles. Their smiles during the break made people feel as friendly and refreshing as older brothers and made everyone feel as relaxed and comfortable as friends.

  These 5 days went by so fast, what we felt the most was our perseverance and never giving up spirit. I remember reading this sentence in "Who Moved My Cheese": "If I were fearless, what would I do?" Now I think, I want to be a brave girl, if I am brave, I am fearless, then I have no reason to give up trying. Hang in there and persevere to the end. There is no sun and rain, no wild air and rainstorm, how can there be their rain and rainbow, how can there be their wonderful world! Life does not stop, the struggle does not stop, so I persist, I win!

  Maybe the time of military training is short, maybe such time will never return. But the commands "At ease, stand at attention, stand still, look to the left" will always echo in my ears.

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