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By Vocal TeamPublished 4 years ago Updated 14 days ago 5 min read

Welcome to Vocal! We know you have a ton of questions, like 'How does Vocal work?' and 'How do I make money?'

You've come to the right place to have those questions answered! Read on to find out more:

What is Vocal?

Vocal is a platform for supporting, discovering, and rewarding creators. Vocal provides the storytelling tools and engaged communities for writers, musicians, filmmakers, artists, and all types of creatives to get discovered, and fund their creativity.

You can learn more about what Vocal is, and what creators can do on Vocal in our Creator 101 resource section.

Is Vocal free?

There are two different account options for creators. Vocal will always offer a free account option, which allows creators to publish their stories on our communities, monetize on the engagement they receive, and collect tips from fans—at no cost.

We've also introduced Vocal+, which is an optional paid membership for creators that gives you access to additional benefits, like higher monetization, early access to new features, and more—but, any creator who would rather have a free account is able to do so, and has the option to upgrade at any time. You can learn more about becoming Vocal+, here.

Who owns my story once it’s published?

You keep all the rights of your stories once they’re published—the copyright always stays with the creator. For all content published on our platform, Vocal also gets a limited license to do things like promote your story or share it on our social media, commonly known as “Universal Rights.” We’ll never share your story without crediting you properly, and we’ll never sell your work, or share the rights with anyone else, without your explicit written permission to do so.

How do I get paid?

Vocal helps every creator earn in multiple ways.

1. Reads. Vocal pays creators based on the amount of “reads” their stories receive.

  • Vocal creators, we pay $3.80 / 1000 reads.
  • For Vocal+ creators, we pay $6.00 / 1000 reads.
  • 2. Pledges. Vocal+ members have the ability to collect $2.99/month Pledges from audience members who want to support their stories. As a Vocal+ member, you'll have the option to enable Pledges from your Settings page in the Creator Tools section. Once enabled, your account will be able to accept Pledges from your fans.

    3. Tips. Vocal also facilitates tips from your fans. Tipping allows your readers to pay you directly for your stories, with micropayments that go straight into your Stripe account.

    4. Bonuses. Vocal offers cash bonuses to creators who meet certain milestones, such as reaching a certain number of views, likes, or followers, or for receiving a top story on the Vocal homepage.

    5. Challenges. Vocal runs writing contests where creators can win cash prizes for their submissions.

    6. Ambassador Program. Vocal offers a referral program where creators can earn cash for referring new creators to the platform.

    Who can be a creator?

    Anyone age 13 and over can be a Vocal creator! There are no other requirements to meet, and you can join Vocal from anywhere in the world.

    What can I submit?

    All of our communities accept fiction, creative nonfiction, op-eds, reviews, and more! As long as the story fits on any of the communities in our network, it can be accepted. To learn more about what we do and do not accept, please take a look at our Community Guidelines.

    How are my reads calculated?

    Reads are calculated by Vocal’s read algorithm, which takes into account things like time spent on the page, as well as how far down the page is scrolled. This is to make sure that your readers are actually reading your story, so that you’re earning on real engagement from your fans.

    What do the moderators do?

    Our moderation team reviews every submission to Vocal. They’ll first ensure that your story meets all of our Community Guidelines, and if it doesn’t, they’ll send it back to you letting you know exactly what needs to be edited in order for your story to be published. If it does meet all of our guidelines, they’ll copy edit your story, checking for things like punctuation, grammar, and typos. Then, they’ll publish your story on the community where it fits best.

    How long will it take for my story to get published?

    Our moderation team will always review your story, and either publish it or send it back to you for edits, within 24 hours. If it’s been over 24 hours and you don’t know where your story is, check your email, or log back in to Vocal. You’ll receive an email update as soon as your story has been reviewed, but you can also see the status of your story when you view the draft. You’ll see a bar at the top, either letting you know that the story’s been approved, or detailing the edits that you need to make.

    What if my story isn’t accepted?

    It’s no problem! Our goal is to help you make your stories the best they can be, while keeping our communities engaging and safe for readers—never to prevent you from sharing your story. We tell you what edits should be made, because we want you to resubmit and get your story published. So, once you’ve made the edits, try again! And as always, if you have any questions about your feedback, or need a little clarification, just reach out to our team at [email protected], and we’ll help you out.

    Can I edit my story after it’s been published?

    Yes! If you are a Vocal+ creator, you can use the Quick Edit feature to edit the content of the body of your story. If you are a Vocal creator or want to make more extensive edits to the title or featured image, just reach out to us at [email protected], and we can help you there.

    How do I get started?

    It’s easy! You can sign up for a Vocal account here, and then find everything you need to get started on your Vocal journey here.

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    • Deasun T. Smyth5 days ago

      How many reads do I need to get a top story?

    • Hazel Rymell 5 days ago

      I have realised I've not been given my bonus for having a Top Story in January, publishing 10 articles and engaging on the vocal Facebook pages. Anyone else noticed this? I've raised it with vocal support team, twice, but not had a proper explanation or how to get this resolved. Anyone know who else I can ask in order to be given the bonuses I'm entitled to?

    • Brandonabout a month ago

      I have some questions about the app that was recently released. I had planned to type my stories via my phone but there doesn't seem to be any access to my drafts via the app.

    • Freddy Tabout a month ago

      Hello, is there a way to block individuals who subscribe to you or otherwise?

    • Pavan Kumar 2 months ago

      I was typing a something the words is 0 (zero) I was typed a paragraph

    • I submitted two stories yesterday. I had feedback informing me they have been published. I even confirmed it myself. However, j a few minutes ago, I went back to check and realised I do not have my stories punished again. What could be the problem?

    • Ivan Daleccio2 months ago

      Attempted to enter the Haiku challenge and couldn’t submit because I didn’t meet the 600 word minimum?

    • Kaneene Pineda4 months ago

      I'm curious if Vocal Media has plans for a writer's workshop/critique circle where members have a safe space to help each other grow? That would be a cool feature for Vocal+ :)

    • D. J. Reddall5 months ago

      How can I replace an image that accompanies my story?

    • Robert Who Writes6 months ago

      How many images can we insert into our stories?

    • can i get money in stripe from pakistan with payoneer and can one person make two account on vocal and get money on same payoneer account from vocal media

    • Renee Watley8 months ago

      How do we delete stories? I can't seem to find that option...

    • Mark Newell8 months ago

      It seems readers can access stories easy enough via a link - but they have to be Vocal members to comment. This inhibits feedback - I want feedback from the general public, not the Vocal community (that's good but I have yet to get a single comment). Am I missing something here?

    • CrowsFyre8 months ago

      I have a question. I'm new to this site can someone explain to me what the point of the subtitle is? nd why I need one?

    • Michael Burns8 months ago

      Can u use ur phone on vocal media?

    • Courtney Chesney9 months ago

      How to I solve a "Unable to save story! Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0"?

    • Greer Monroe9 months ago

      can a writer enter more than one time in each challenge? entering a story under one genre & then another writing (ex: poetry) for the Poets section. Would love clarification — couldn’t find if we are restricted to one entry per challenge, thank you!

    • test10 months ago

      How do you delete a story after it's been published? How do you delete your account?

    • Astrid Umberveil10 months ago

      How do you check how many people have read your story thus far?

    • Lorraine Woiak10 months ago

      Are you able to make multiple accounts? I haven't written anything in a long time and kinda want to reinvent my page and separate out the topics between different profiles. But I also don't want to lose some of my older pieces I'm really proud of.

    • Ken10 months ago

      Curious as to why there are no tabs in Communities for businesses and start-ups?

    • Sandeep Dhangar10 months ago

      How much it take after request withdrawal money

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