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Who am i?(2)

. . . I am me.

By Oliver MPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Who am i?(2)
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Can we ever now how to identify a problem when there is no problem at all? Yet all we know in this world is to solve for x, but wait here is the other factor of life it is not algebraic. Then we are to identify what is causing the wound first then from there we can use any form of healing.

Any curiosity in life has to be in there in order to make it a little less boring. From that point one must see the process not the halfway point. The main hero's quest path was the initiation of curiosities of their origin. The hero complex is a tragic one, its their choice and how they can change for the better or leave it to destiny to get them the life they do deserve and receive in the moments of life.

In the stories of the old greek mythos, almost all of them are intricate paths yet almost as the same as the one before it. One slays a monster but before slaying he/she has counsel and aide from the external and as it goes deep its more internal in its structure.

Like Greece, Norway has a familiar tone only more monstrous the challenge from the partriarchs and tones of much environmental challenges.

From Buck Rogers to Star Wars it has the family structure dynamic and/or dysfunction itself at the core. Buck Rogers predates Star Wars yet familiarity and similar tales in the future but set at the core of human drama.

All of the stories that reference of the old and into the new forms of entertainment has values of morality, good vs evil and of redemption of human hubris is the denominator of it all.

Joseph Campbell had and have deduced the process of it all, yet in its entirety has its roots at the core of the power of the choice of the individual. It is the hard choices that defines the issue of the day, one can assess the stress of the moment and in turn to make the "un-manageable" to make it an awareness thus to flip the energy to meet it at the "head of the snake". Making the hard easy, and easy as to be not as hard as possible.

In this process the hero quest undertakes the inevitable only to use adjustments along the way. At the end of every tale of the hero, one must see the joy of the adventure not the scenarios of "what if". The "do's" does count, the "if's" makes it more perilous and hesitation begins thus the tragedy occur within the walls of the hero's quest.

In order to make the "I am me" method in this scenario, it is the lecture of Prof. Joseph Campbell's of detached mind on an attached hand for the person's act to have more junction to serve the individual's cause and the effect is to influence the inspiration in the generation after not before.

In order to be a hero one must be a villain to the mind, rebel against its tyranny from all forms of feeling. When all this has to be, then from the ash of the self the quest begins anew, a cycle of things can turn from the ugliness to a worthy fight for the goodness in life.

"Take courage young one, in order to have heart to be in it".

The benefit of having the hero's quest as one of the models of "I am me" method, is always using all of it to identify the root cause, assess what is, manage all coping skills, having awareness to acknowledge the how and use what energy left to see the it on a different perspective. From there maybe there is hope that the road can be tolerated, look to the sky and say "Not just yet, I am still in it".

. . . turn to page 3 for further application of the method.

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Poetry is my past, the future rolls for no one. I'd rather have her exorcise my past and to entertain as life goes by in this chaotic world.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 3 months ago

    Good work’! Great job!

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