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What I Learned From Rejection

by Nicole Waite about a month ago in advice

And it wasn't all bad!

What I Learned From Rejection
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Rejection is what you make of it. Many paths we take in life include the possibility of facing rejection. It’s not about if we will face it but how that makes the most difference.

So, how will we know how to approach it before it happens?

1) Never take Social Rejection Personal. You did nothing wrong.

Being that person in the room, you know, the socially awkward type. While everyone else was talking, I was too busy sitting by myself in the corner of the room happily contented processing all the information around me. Nonetheless, this didn't leave a lot of potential for friend-making and being socially acceptable was never a priority of mine.

The good news is I realized it wasn't a big deal after all.

Regardless of your personality type, body shape, who you spend time with, who you date, or what you do; somebody will appreciate and respect you while others just will absolutely not. You are going to be rejected by someone no matter what you choose to do or be on your lifetime.

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If you are being truly genuine, you will never please everyone. Each person will face social rejection at some point of their life. Focus on you and accepting yourself for who you are! That’s what really matters.

Even if you don't believe in social circles, they are everywhere. At college, work, family, church; and anywhere there is a regular gathering of people there is also something that connects them or divides them. You see the same thing happen in the animal kingdom, it’s just part of nature.

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Social Rejection commonly occurs due to misunderstandings, lack of communication, and selfish interest.

It is amazing what a simple conversation and a small act of kindness can mend.

Never take social rejections personal. You never know what the other party is going through, and you are more than likely not the problem!

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2) Fear of Rejection and Rejection are not the same thing.

Most people confuse fear of rejection with rejection. I always thought rejection was my biggest obstacle until I recognized the fear of rejection was the culprit.

If you struggle to act because your thoughts might not be accepted, you are suffering from a fear of rejection. If you share your thoughts regardless and are not accepted, you may be suffering from rejection.

For example,

"I didn't apply for the job because I don't think they will hire me."

This is fear of rejection. You avoid taking action as a means to avoid facing the possibility of rejection. By doing so, you also prevent yourself from the possibility of reaching success.

"I applied to the job, but I was turned away."

This is rejection. You may face many rejections in life and that is okay! Successful people also face the same challenges. Don't give up when the going gets tough.

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While fear of rejection will hold you back from the possibility of moving forward in life, rejection acts like a stepping stone. There might be one, two, or ten. Don't let the fear of rejections keep you from moving forward!

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3) Rejection is not the final outcome unless you make it one.

Many people who face rejection might adopt the thinking "This isn't working." "What am I doing wrong?" "Maybe it's time to give up."

I learned the best thing I could do was quiet all those negative little voices in my head.

Tell yourself to "Keep going!" You got this!

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4) All successful people experience rejections and set backs.

Authors, actors, businessmen and women, and any profession you can think of experience this. Behind the scenes of their success is usually a long list of rejections or failures.

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Keep going because odds are you are going to experience inevitable set backs before you reach success.

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We can compare this to the dating scene also. While you are trying to find that special someone, you may come across a few rejects. It will all be worth it when you find the person who is right for you! Just got to keep looking. Your rejections don’t change who you are as a person.

By Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

5) Recognizing rejection is a skill not everyone develops, but a good one to have.

Recognizing rejection is like having a superpower. Rejection has limitations, but you and your ability to succeed do not!

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6) There is a healthy way to handle rejection!

Recognize rejection

Recognizing rejection is the first step of the healing process. You won’t move forward if you proceed with the same process that isn’t working for you. Don’t get stuck.

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Process your feelings

It is perfectly ok to feel emotion. Rejection can be disappointing or devastating depending on the circumstances.

Learn from it

Figure out what your role is. Sometimes it is completely out of your control. Always try to learn from your experiences to make better decisions and smarter moves in the future. However, do not compromise your integrity to gain acceptance.

By Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Each time you experience rejection, give it a positive twist! You just gained a learning experience. Your odds of success in the future have increased!

Don’t change for other people or to feel accepted. Finding your social circle will come with patience and originality.

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Nicole Waite
Nicole Waite
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