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The Third Rule of Carebear

by Legally Tatted 5 months ago in humanity · updated 5 months ago
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We Never remain silent on matters of injustice..and we always support each other.

The Third rule of Care bear..

We never remain silent on matters of injustice and we always support each other.

One thing I have always believed is that when there is an emergency we always stand up for each other. We never let one person solve or sacrifice for the stake of the all. Where injustice is allowed to flourish it becomes a cancer. Only in using our voices and our actions can we change things. Where one person is left to carry on bearing the burden, the all is not made better. Silence is never the answer. When you are silent, it is an act of agreement with injustice. Where one suffers, we suffer as a family at the pain of our brother or sister.

There must be accountability for behavior that dishonors one and those that have fallen in the line of duty and leaves others to be hurt. No one is above the law. We are a nation of laws and no one gets away with hurting anyone. This is not a country devoid of humanity, it is one full of heroism, not blaming your situation on your parents, or attacking people you have wronged.

My number one rule when it comes to people I care about is this: No matter what the disagreement is, in a crisis we stand together. Some things trump distance, or time. When a friend is in trouble, has been hurt, or is struggling we do not add to the problem. We help. Whatever the dispute is is, we set it aside. We step up, we help resolve the crisis and then we deal with whatever the issue is.

Alone without my blue family, I have had to survive being raped, having everything taken from me, being attacked by the people who committed actual crimes, been humiliated, sexually battered and had the people who were supposed to keep me safe do the exact opposite. I have had everyone but a few people, not turn a blind eye and no one stand with me that should including the Ga Gang Investigators Association, whose conference was part of the inspiration for Care bear. There is no explanation for it. I have weathered every storm, without any help from anyone, and had my life destroyed. I have had no one that I trusted stand up for me, while I protected them to the best of my ability. I have protected people whose actions caused me to be in the place were I was raped, I have done everything with very little help and huge amount of obstacles, and without any of the justice afforded to everyone else. Those that have been there are not anyone I knew before all of this. I have literally lost my family, both my biological family and my blue family- a family I was raped protecting. There is no explanation.

There have been a few in my blue family who may not be able to do anything about what I have been through, and don't know the extent of what I have sacrificed for them, but the few words of encouragement is a reminder that I am not alone. That they don't stand with the people who have hurt me. Thank You. The emotional support- to those who still treat me as if I am part of the family that I have tried to protect -thank you. I will never believe you side with those that have dishonored the oath, the same oath I took many many years ago.

Somewhere God gave me a Red family, a family I didn't have since October 2012, when I moved to Georgia. People who could do nothing because they do not have the authority to get me legal justice but whose mere presence in moments has reminded me I am still a first responder at heart, and always will be. You have been my angels. To each of you thank you.. You will never know what that means in my life.

To my blue family I have adopted- I worry about each of you every day. When I come across a story about an officer involved shooting, my first reaction is "Jesus don't let it be one of my people. If there isn't a name it is a jump to Linkedin to find someone in that department who knows who it was. Not one of you are ever forgotten. While I can not be there like I want to be, I never forget a blue angel, or our fallen.

We must always check on our strong friend, the person who is not talking is the one we need to make sure is okay. The person you are the least worried about is the person we need to be worried about. The strongest people suffer the most because they won't ask for someone to help them, they take on others causes and bottle theirs because they don't think they matter- That would be me.

When someone gathers the courage to ask for help, we help. I have spent years having to make sure my father-who has done nothing for me, and threatened people I do not like, could not hurt them without someone knowing. That was a bad day, especially with no one protecting me from being hurt over and over.

I have had to email Police Chiefs to protect a former boyfriends life, who when I needed him did nothing. I have had to email Chiefs to protect people who destroyed my career,= from my biological father who threatened and planned their deaths for years. I have had to figure out how to protect a Sheriff himself, an entire police department and sheriff department from the death threats of a a felon. I have had to do this all alone. Most people would say let the people who hurt you or didn't help you suffer whatever fate may come. I can't live with that on my conscience. I still stand up for people who really don't deserve it and it cost me my own blood. I can not explain why no one has done anything for me, or why I keep having to field death threats, being stalked for making a police report to law enforcement about my life being stolen by the person who took it, threats to be sued by the woman whose illegal behavior lead to me having to be in the place where I was raped , while the cops assigned to the case won't even take a statement and I was threatened by their Deputy Chief.. I go back to something that was on a Richmond County Deputies Facebook who may not remember me but made me feel safe..

The world I knew was full of police officers and first responders who were there when things were bad, who went the extra mile, who were family, friends and even lovers. They were my heroes, that I always had time for- personal or professional. That should not have changed in 2019, 2020, or 2021. There have been rays of that world but not the whole. I choose to remember the world pre epic disaster. Those the people that are the foundation of Carebear- even without them being present in my life while I have faced every challenge with the spirit of them, and the collection of my random family. It is because of you I keep Carebear alive. It is why I brave the reactions I have to being hurt and am trying to get back in my professional world as a 911 dispatcher because I can protect the good ones, I can be their life line. I would be proud to do their final duty calls, to be the one wishing them farewell, or making sure we don't have any superman cops without an angel..(Yes Christopher Hoyer this is directed at you).

To those of you who have been there and remain there, Blessed be the Care bears for you are Children of God. The protectors of innocents..for you I am always 10-8. It is for you that Care bear Theory exists- to make the broken systems we try to work in work, to right the wrongs of the offenders, to make the world a safer place. To make your departments a family, to keep the system tasked as the first line of defense between those that hurt others and those that should be protected. To fix the systems and the laws to make sure there is a barrier between those that commit crime and those that could have to live with the effects of it.


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