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The girl who could change the future

A young girl learns of some mysterious powers, but how will she use them?

By RudyPublished about a year ago 4 min read
The girl who could change the future
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I've always felt a need to slow down and take a minute to breathe whenever something stresses me out, it might be an anxiety technique I developed on my own or some kind of meditation. I’ve been learning about higher states of mind through meditation and putting it into practice when I think about stressful things in my life. I light my candles, dim the lights and it’s like I’m in a different place. I thought I should try and think about upcoming things that might worry me, so one day I prepared for my routine meditation and thought about an upcoming presentation that was really stressing me out. Suddenly a situation popped into my head, I was doing my presentation when all of a sudden I started stuttering and embarrassed myself but somehow made it through. I definitely didn’t want that, but what if my teacher was sick and I didn’t have to do it that day? I pushed the thought away and emptied my mind until I finished. Three days later on the day of my presentation a substitute teacher came in for that period and told us the regular teacher was sick and we would not be doing our presentations. I was confused, our teacher seemed fine the day before yet just as I had thought she was sick on the day of the presentation as I had imagined. On my walk home I was thinking, what if I somehow could alter the future slightly? One teacher taking a sick day couldn’t be that bad right? I should test this out. I got home and set up everything I needed for another meditation session and started thinking again. This weekend I had a piano recital but I was nervous I didn’t want to go. What if something happened to the building where it was being held? Then I wouldn’t have to go right? I ended there and anxiously awaited Sunday. On Sunday morning I woke up and went downstairs for breakfast not sure if I would be going to my recital in the afternoon, then my mom walked into the kitchen and said she received an email from the hall that there was an accident and it was postponed. I finished my breakfast silently and went back to my room and jumped for joy. I must have the power to change the future! This is amazing! I can get out of anything I want now! I relaxed for the rest of the day not thinking of anything stressful because surely I could get out of it.

Then came Monday morning, my regular teacher came in and I still wasn’t thinking anything, we weren’t doing the presentations anyway. Then she announced that we would be doing presentations all period, she had our names in a hat and started picking them out to determine the order, and I was first. I looked around and saw everyone else was taking out whatever they had prepared for their presentations and I was the only one who didn’t have anything. I told the teacher that I left my board at home and only had my script. She told me it was my fault for not reading the email she sent and I would be presenting anyway but losing marks for not having it. I went up to the front of the class and heard whispers and saw demeaning glares from my classmates. I felt my face heat up and my heart started beating fast, I felt faint and started rocking slightly, my head was spinning and my classmates were laughing more under their breath to each other, my teacher was calling out to me and as it got to be too much I fell down and passed out. I woke up in the nurse's office and she was concerned. She said I passed out in class and my mother was on the way to take me to the hospital, I just rolled over and hid from the world. On the way home I convinced my mother I didn’t need to go to the hospital and must just be sick, after I got home and got into bed still mid morning I started thinking, how could this have happened? Why was the result so much worse than before? Maybe I really was sick because I passed out after thinking that and woke up to a phone call from my mom telling me to get ready for school and that she had to leave before I woke up and wouldn’t be home until after dinner and to boil myself some pasta and use the sauce she left on the counter. At school I tried to act like it wasn't a big deal, but I was really scared after yesterday and what had happened and what might happen due to the accident at the piano hall.

I made it through the school day with no accidents and a little bit of my worry had settled but I was still nervous. I relaxed for awhile and began dinner as my mom had told me I boiled the water with the pasta, drained the water added the sauce then left the pan on the stove and went to my room with the pasta, I shut my door and lit my strong candles and incense to try and calm my nerves. Suddenly I awoke to sirens and my room was full of smoke, I felt sick and opened my door where I found thick smoke in the halls which seemed like it was coming from the kitchen, there was movement downstairs and then a large man came up the stairs yelling my name, I was shocked but called out I’m here in between coughs. He ran to the last room, picked me up while telling me I was going to be okay and carried me out the back door where there were less flames than the front entrance closer to the kitchen. I walked a safe distance away from the house where there was a large group of people, among which were my parents with extremely worried looks on their faces. I ran to them and they embraced me. I don’t know what these powers I had were or how to use them but I would not be using them again.


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