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The Covid-19 Pandemic Made Me Become Agoraphobic

by Christy Snow 8 months ago in anxiety
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The Pandemic Affected Us All Differently

I have always been an introvert and but after the pandemic began and throughout the duration of it last year my introversion became more severe and I began struggling with symptoms of agoraphobia. I had recently had to change careers in the last two years from working in the medical field to more sedentary work due to medical issues. I could no longer be up on my feet all day long with my severe arthritis and other issues. All of this combined had definitely made my depression and anxiety worse but I was finishing up my bachelor’s degree online so I was cautiously optimistic and planned to hopefully get a better paying job afterwards.

The week before St Patrick’s Day last year we were told that we would be getting our computer the next week and start working from home until further notice. I enjoyed working from home because of my introversion and my dog Lucy loved me being at home every day. I ended up selling my home and buying a better home that was not a money pit like my last home. I ended up with equity in my former home even after paying my down payment and paying off all my debts except for my student loans. It was May 2020 by this time and I had already had Covid-19 and been bedridden for 2 weeks and extremely sick. My office was telling me to come back to the office even though we still had over half of our staff out sick with Covid-19 and we were a college and the students were not coming back yet and not to mention we could do all our work and jobs from home with no problems. I decided to quit my job since I had savings and find a full-time permanent remote position.

I did not feel comfortable going back to work either mentally or physically. I had gotten to the point where I was ordering everything that I needed for the house from Amazon to avoid going anywhere public. I planned my grocery trips to be once a month or less for perishable items considering my area unfortunately did not offer home grocery delivery. During these trips I would start sweating profusely and my heart rate would get faster. I didn’t understand why I was having such an anxious response to a simple grocery trip. I got to the point where I would dread having to go on any shopping trips and then it got to the point one day where suddenly I didn’t want to even go check my mailbox or get out my mail. I would literally dread just simply walking across the road to get my mail with the crazy fear that someone would see me.

I knew my current depression and anxiety medication was not working anymore. My physician ended up switching me to Prozac which has helped a lot but I still suffer with anxiety when I go to certain stores or certain situations in public. I honestly wished that I had been put on it a long time ago. I’m working from home currently but looking for another job. I’m finally about to be done with my bachelor’s degree and I really hope that I can find a better paying job with better work/life balance. It’s sad that in the US that the majority of us cannot afford therapy or medications that we need for our mental health. I know that the pandemic has affected so many people in so many ways and I feel for everyone that has been having mental health issues and have had worsened mental health issues since last year. I know I can’t be the only one that the pandemic affected in this way as well. I hope that we all continue to heal after last year and overcome all our hardships.


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Christy Snow

An avid, lifetime reader of non-fiction, true crime, horror, sci-fi, history, classic literature and more. An amateur writer finally taking time in my life to write.

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