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Still in Lockdown in Sydney, Australia. Sadly.

by Justine Crowley 14 days ago in coping

Two days before the sun goes into Leo in 2021

Still in Lockdown in Sydney, Australia. Sadly.
Photo by Frida Bredesen on Unsplash

Not lions, but close enough. The Lion is known to be the king of the jungle, yet in this current COVID-19 lockdown in Sydney, Australia (on the 21st of July 2021, as at the time of writing this) this lioness (as in me, yours truly, my sun sign is Leo) is feeling quite the opposite. I am normally a strong, tough, and resilient person; yet I still am, however the current Sydney Lockdown (announced for five Local Government Areas (LGA's) in response to the COVID-19 delta strain is like putting the toughest masking tape (maybe a face mask will do, not to be political) on to silence the mighty lion's roar. It is like COVID-19 is a strong hose that has put out all of my pleasant fires (being a fire sign, after all.) To be honest, COVID-19 has been like this for the last 18 months thus far. As seen in the image above, it feels like a fight with the people in charge, and/or with COVID-19. Who knows for sure?

The Sydney Lockdown for five LGA's, and not in my area was only meant to be for five days from the 25th of June 2021, and then a day later all of Greater Sydney is in lockdown for two weeks. And now this lockdown is expected to go on until the 30th of July 2021; and not to be a negative lion, but rather a realistic one; I know that my Birthday period will be disrupted again (wish I could use a time machine, and reminisce back to the 30's), as this lockdown is expected to now go on until at least September 2021, judging by the number of cases of community transmission, while ironically (this is the truth) countries such as the UK having just recently celebrated "freedom day" while they have more cases of the delta strain than in Australia; and now half of my country is in beloved lockdown (not) overnight...just like that. All a deal of extremes here, and even in this weather. It still feels like I am having dinner with the penguins in ice land once in a while, despite not being invited by them to; and if I was invited, I wouldn't be allowed right now, metaphorically speaking. That is despite having the heater on, and being totally rugged up at home sweet home. With the lockdowns, beautiful Melbourne (Australia) I feel for you guys so much. You guys are doing it for the f**king sixth time now.

By Ryan Vitter on Unsplash

This lion wants to roar and purr right now, with her birthday month coming up in two days (on the 23rd of July) when the sun leaves Cancer.

As you know dear reader, from my first article shared on what life is like in a second, harsher, and unexpected lockdown; you knew that lockdown started off for me on a healthy and positive note, only to end up in a mental health mess a week and a half in. My friends were in a similar vote on the junk food binges and depression front.

By Ashley Green on Unsplash

Vocal Media, I would prefer to write an article/story on another topic right now, yet for the benefit of some much needed, and cost effective therapy; here I am pumping out my second article on this second Sydney Lockdown, so that in addition to helping myself; I am also in a position to be of solace to other people, irrespective as to which part of the globe you currently live in.

I can sense that we are all going through something tough right now. Whatever your situation, just know that someone has your back. For me, it was a close friend earlier, who is also a Leo sun, who helped me, and now it is Vocal Media's turn to shine. I am one lion who is losing my purr right now, in addition to my roar.

By Francesco De Tommaso on Unsplash

As you know from this article, the tenants of an investment property I have in Sydney handed in their one months notice to vacate exactly two weeks ago; again as at the time of writing this. What a psychological shock that was.

Apparently, a day later they were told to quarantine for 14 days, as they were a close contact to a positive COVID-19 infection. Upon hearing this news, I naturally have compassion for people in this area (as they either have to stay at home, or get swabbed/tested every three days if they leave their area for essential work;) yet it felt like a kick in the "queen" of the jungles guts, two days out from her Birthday month, as I felt (and still feel) so sick, knowing that two people have had to quarantine in this property, of which has been my pride and joy for 14 years, and where I have had the privilege of living in as an owner occupier on two separate occasions. It feels like this lioness has a few wounds in her stomach, naturally craving and enjoying an indulgent donut, and an iced tea (healthier) - of which failed to fill the void. Writing is a therapeutic tool to help here. Thank you so much Vocal Media.

By LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

The lioness (being moi) also lost her purr when her partner stood her up over an agreed lunch today. Where did the compassion go? Something I was promised in this lockdown for having a partner in the first place, and he fails to show. That relationship is now adios. It is actually nice to be single again, although I have not told him as yet that I have cut the cords, energetically speaking.

By Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

On a brighter note, my business has been going well, although I did lose a client. There is some good, yet the good is coming with the bad unfortunately. With one of my ongoing clients, I have had to work some overtime this lockdown to help one designer who had been pulling in some all nighters, and another who felt sick after the first V. A mixed bag.

By Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash

It has been a busy lockdown, and it is not fun living with the uncertainty as to how long it will go for, in addition to seeing more of the bad and the ugly as this lockdown delves deeper. I have already missed a family Birthday, as no visitors are allowed to your home. When I am about to call for some mental health assistance, if I cannot fix the issue myself; then the problem sometimes goes away, and has it's own metronome right now.

By The Ian on Unsplash

I do appreciate that others may (and perhaps are) be worse off from COVID-19, or even better off. I also appreciate that the lockdown is existing for a reason, yet some hard truths are coming to the surface, and maybe this has to happen for the aquarian age to blossom forth. Things do happen for a reason yes, and it is a shock to see people healthier than you in ICU on a ventilator, yet we are allowed to express our frustrations in order to heal.

By Mufid Majnun on Unsplash

Even if I have helped you today, and even just a little bit, to get through some form of COVID-19 restriction, and/or some other pain point you might be experiencing right now; then I think I have done my job with my way of words for now. Thank you Vocal Media for giving me a voice today, when I was (and still am) so vulnerable beyond words. Lions, do not give up on your roars and purrs in your time to shine over the next month, even if other people try to shut you down. In fact astrologically speaking, the latter applies to everyone right now.

By Cullan Smith on Unsplash

As an extra aside, if you want to see some real life lions (two males) at Sydney's Taronga Zoo during Sydney's current lockdown; they can be seen here in real time, ideally at either 4:30pm or 9:30pm PST/PDT, by clicking here.

There are times when you can hold your sparkle, by engaging in something that you love at home, of which you can't do during a lockdown; while there are other times when the cocoa bean feels like it is back in the gold rush. Same with my food supply at home. Busy periods call for some more tucker. There just seems to be some kind of comfort, or trusting food at home more.

By Pushpak Dsilva on Unsplash

Australia needs help, and so does the rest of the world in some respect. Stay strong everyone.

Happy Birthday to all of the fellow Leo's out there from the 23rd of July 2021. And speaking of candles, the only great thing about lockdown outside of my business of getting my shipping costs waived on some beautiful candles that are set to arrive in the next couple of days ironically.

By Morgan Lane on Unsplash

On that, I am taking a brain break for the rest of the day to come to grips with these unexpected twists and adversities. When things no longer make sense to you in these strange times (including lock downs in your Birthday month, of which is expected to be a time of joy) then please take solace in this song for a few minutes. I will leave this song with you...for those moments when things happen to you beyond your understanding and comprehension, in dark and uncertain times:

Justine Crowley
Justine Crowley
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