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Let’s slap Death right in the face to see what happens!

To some people, death is something that puts an end to everything. While to others, death is something that marks the beginning of everything.

By M. AlamPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
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To some people, death is something that puts an end to everything. While to others, death is something that marks the beginning of everything.

In short, to some, it is the panacea while to others, it is a curse.

Whether one likes it or not, Death is the sole certain thing in this entire universe. It is something that no one can deny regardless of their creed, age, or gender. Naturally, human beings are quite repulsive to this sole sure thing in their life.

Let me tell you the story of an elegant and pious man when he slaps in the face of an Angel of Death. But before that, let me give you few interesting facts and seemingly impossible figures of death.

The degree of fear of death is reflected in the interesting fact of depicting sharks as monsters, histrionically.

People think that it is one of the deadliest animals but, the facts are quite contrary, as every year only 12 people are killed by sharks. On the other hand, 11,417 sharks are killed by people per hour...

It is funny but, human beings are deadliest than sharks. Perhaps they should fear us, not the other way around.

Approximately 150,000 people die around the globe daily. And with the recent Covid crises, the actual number of deaths is impossible to trace. Air pollution, which no one even counts as a real threat, kills over 7 million people each year. And most importantly, wars, according to some estimates, have caused the death of 150 million to 1 billion people throughout human history.

Thanatophobia, the fear of death, is ranked amongst the most feared things, along with fear of rejection, failure, inadequacy, change, and the fear of height.

Photo by Jan Canty on Unsplash

Now back to our story.

When the angel of death came to a pious man disguised as human being and said to him;

“Obey the command of your Lord and be ready for death.”

He stared at the angel and slap him very harshly, causing his eye to fall out. Then the angel appeared before God and complained.

“The man of whom soul you wanted me to capture did not want death at all. He despises death and took out my eye.”

After hearing the complaint of the Angel of Death, God put his eye in its place again and said to the Angel...

“Go to my servant again and ask, ‘Do you want more life? If you want life, put your hand on the bull’s back. You can live as many years as the hairs that come under your hand.”

The man asked the angel of death after listening to the new offer …

“And what will happen when the number of years equal to the hairs is over?”

The angel replied,

“Then you will die.”

The man said:

“Well, It is near now.”

And instead of opting for life that was not eternal, he prayed:

“O, my Lord! So take my life at the distance of throwing a stone in the Holy Land.”

Then God accepted and listen to his prayer.

This story has some benign lessons to learn from. No matter how strongly you detest death, the fact remains that in the end, even the angel of death is not free from death.

Neither becomes obsessed with living nor with death. Don’t live a life like you will live forever. Live a life such that even if you don’t live long, you are remembered long ... not for your wealth but because you were a good human being.

Ask yourself this simple question; what if you die right at this moment when you are reading this sentence…?

Will you be remembered as a good father/mother, husband/wife, son/daughter, or a good neighbor?

Will you be remembered as a good person?

Because these are the only things that will matter in the long run.

Do not always try to be wealthy, instead try to be worthy.

People with a wealth of billion and trillion of dollars are forgotten by history. But people with moral values and people of love are remembered by history forever.

One day as a lion is better than hundred years as a jackal (Tipu Sultan)

Even if you slap in the face of the angel of death, you will still die eventually.

Every soul has to taste death.

Death is real and every life-bearing creature has to take a sip from the cup of death. And it's always good to accept your mortality.

Accepting mortality can provide us a healthy remainder to live a normal life and attain the eternal peace of soul.

If you like this read, please appreciate it as it means a lot to me. Wishing you a happy life.

Stay blessed...


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