It's Not Easy Being a Young Adult...

The thought of suicide is real.

It's Not Easy Being a Young Adult...
The light is seen eventually.

Nowadays. in this generation of young adults, you have a lot more people on the verge of committing suicide. Statistics say on average that people between ages 15-24 years old are those that actually follow through with it. I am not trying to say that I will commit suicide, but that does not mean the thought of it has not crossed my mind. The fact that time waits for nobody is not only a fact but also a statement. In which, no one is to blame for this rise of suicides, just people would rather not waste time being criticized for their future life choices.

I've been around for 23 years to know that being alone is the start of suicidal thoughts. Too many people are beginning to finesse others in hopes of satisfying undescribable needs. The ability to watch someone else progress massively right in front of you over the simplest things through social media has increased. In doing, so this is what causes others to act out of character and eventually lose track of themselves. Jealousy is at its all-time high, because it is so much easier to hate on someone else than it is to become something of your own.

Growing up you are told to stay in school to become what you really want to be in life. In all honesty, staying in school has taught me that no matter how great your grades are, when you get out of school you still have to face the facts of finding the right job that fits the description of your degree. This becomes the more difficult challenge, considering that there was already a generation before you that currently resides in the position that you have been aiming for your entire life. Therefore, the thought of your time being wasted courses through the mind and eventually will spark the thought of:

"What is my purpose in life when someone else is already serving that purpose for me?"

With that being said, a person would rather not be here than to feel like they have wasted 30 percent of their life for nothing. Me personally, I have always felt like an outcast in school. Which might explain why I am the one who's writing this instead of those I've attended school within my time. Who knows, maybe my thought process might help someone realize that they are not the only ones who have had suicidal thoughts. The purpose of me bringing this up is because I am currently living now and I may not get the chance tomorrow due to life not being guaranteed.

Honestly, I find myself being grateful every day for the creation of music. Without music in my life, I probably would have met my end long ago. Although, not all music is great, there are artists like The Weeknd whom I have been able to relate to based on the feeling you can hear in his tone. Still to this day, my favorite song of all time is by him, known as "Wicked Games". That is just my preference, my point is that everyone has some type of music that helps them get through life whether they admit it or not.

I am man enough to admit that living in my generation of technology has caused me to express my feelings through the internet rather than to another person. The problem is it is very hard to trust people with the information you give, especially knowing the first conflict you have between one another may cause an outburst of truths that were meant to be kept amongst each other. Being victim to something like this can cause someone to think about suicide based off the fact they feel too embarrassed to face the input from others. I have been a victim of this before, and I must say, even though I came out unscathed, the route it took to get through was troublesome. Time helped me realize that eventually people forget and move on to talk about something else. Even though the memory of the event will never leave the mind of the victim.

A more common event is people end up becoming a single parent with little to no help. In doing so, others might tend to throw shade or even talk about that person's standing in life as they are bringing life into this world. This is what you would consider a make you or break you moment. I personally know a woman who would rather end their lives and leave their child at a foster care. Mainly because they feel that they are not worthy due to goals they had expected to meet before ever having a child.

Futhermore, they are not surrounded by people who have been through a similar situation to help talk them through. And this can cause a very high-stress level for the mind. Typically, women are mainly left with the responsibility to raise their kid(s) alone all due to the fact that the babies' dad is either locked up, simply does not care for the woman or child, a deadbeat, or even dead in general. Eventually, the stress that comes with raising a child alone can cause someone to feel less of themselves. In reality, any woman would consider all options of income in order to provide for their youngins.

Not to mention, being a young adult has become a lot harder over the years, especially a parent. As time continues to progress it will only get better or worse. I will never follow through with ending my life on my own, but I can say that it is okay to feel defeated at times. Nobody in this world can ever really understand and tell you how to get through certain situations. Advice is always helpful from people you consider family if they even care to give it in the first place.

For the most part, the best thing to do is whatever makes you feel comfortable the most, which in my case is prayer and listening to music. I would never recommend anyone to take their precious life away. Even when all options have been considered and weighed, it is important to continue fighting no matter what. Life is called life for a reason, because it beholds obstacles that only you have to find the strength to overcome. Suicide should never be a legitimate option no matter the circumstances.

Ka'Sean Cobbs-Walton
Ka'Sean Cobbs-Walton
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Ka'Sean Cobbs-Walton

Due to the fact that I am only 23 years young, alot of people are impressed by the knowledge I have at this age. With that being said I want to take the time to talk about my life as a young man and what I have learned throughout my years.

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