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How Much Does The Brain Do?

Brain Can Oversee

By marie ehlenbachPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

In the United States, drug overdose death rates more than tripled since 1990! Every day, more than 100 people die from drug overdoses. Most of the deaths are caused by prescription drugs.

A person who misuses drugs eventually feels flat, lifeless, and/or depressed, not motivated at all! He/or she is isn't able to enjoy things that were previously pleasurable. Now the person needs to keep taking drugs to experience even a normal level of normalcy, which makes the problem worse! Like a cycle, also the person will take larger amounts to make the familiar high. A effect known as tolerance!

I remember when I was in high school, drugs made every possible!💥 Everything except school work! I didn't like certain subjects and they were failing me. The ones that I like I was doing excellent in! For me in was a matter who I liked and who I didn't. I didn't take drugs to get me through school. I took them as something to bring pleasure. It went on for four year of my life, school years that is. I gave up in my senior year at school.

I was getting ready for own of my dances at school, my friend Debbie was going with me. I was in a real bad mood. I don't know why but I was. Debbie thought my going to the dance would make me feel better. She also had two specs of blue acids. ( I don't what it was called back then so I called them "acids") I took mine and she to hers at the same time. We were on our way. Debbie started to feel good, and me, I started to feel down, I started to stand beside of my bleachers (the ones you used to sit on at the football games). I started to feel like I should't of come here! I didn't talk much. People get asking me what the matter! It didn't make me like I was fine! I used to feel like I could talk to anybody, like I could dance with anybody! I didn't have a care in the world! I felt very introverted! That night Debbie was very mad at me! I told her it was the drugs that did it to me! I spent the night at her house as she drove me home the next morning. What made matter worse, when I got in the car and closed the door, the window shattered all over the place! Boy, was her Dad mad!

Well I was thinking, what could make a kid, or grown up think there life was so bad only drugs could help! Many drugs can cause permanent or severe brain damage, in including but not limited to:








When I think of an overdose, like it is dead! It is not so! I wonder how long does it take to wake up after overdose. The recovery of a consciousness after a drug overdose, may occur within a day or two! A day or two! The drug itself may not leave the brain for another one to three weeks, and at this late late time a withdrawal syndrome can occur, with insomnia, restlessness sleep, epileptic phenomenal. Right now that's enough to scare me. Back then I would think, it would never happen to me! "It could never happen to me!"

Our brains have an incredible ability to adapt and repair, even after a use and addiction. The brain continues to build brain sells and neural pathways throughout our life, and it's ability to adapt and change (called neuoplasticity) allows it to modify and reorganize itself after addiction.

While death is the scariest and obviously most threatening scene brought on by overdose, the other dangers are still there. And, those who have lived through previous overdoses may start to think they’re invincible. They aren’t! These effects are coming sooner or later. These permanent effects from overdose will occur eventually. And, no matter how many times overdose has taken place, there is always help and hope for healing. No matter how long you’ve been using drugs there is hope through treatment.

All too often, people think they can kick their habit alone. And, their friends and family are left grieving their loved one due to accidental overdose. Make the decision today that you won’t experience drug overdose and that you will get the help you need to live a life!

The addition for people who suffer from dependence on drugs (including heroin), alcohol, prescription pills, stimulants, and a variety of other substances. If you suffer from any form of

chemical dependence, you can get help before you have to suffer the tragic effects of an overdose, whether permanent damage or death.

This depends on if a death after overdose is from respiratory failure or another cause. On average, however, 1-3 hours pass between when a person takes a drug and when they die from overdose. If medical responders arrive within that window, the person is more likely to survive.

While overdose can be scary, it doesn’t always have to be connected to death. If the experience is handled appropriately, someone can still live a happy and healthy life after overdose.

I was wondering what is was like during high school! Did we take permanent drugs? Drugs that would last forever! When I took them and started to get high, I didn't think that there would be an forever feeling! I was wrong! I don't like to think that anything we would take would cause permanent damage! But I was wrong about that too! I took a look at the girls and guys who took drugs, like me! There personality's were so different what I knew about them. They changed! It was like there inside self could come out of say HELLO! Two or three times I sat at a dance and watch their selves.

How different they could be! Some would stay the same and be more pronounce. Not shy if they were! Others would be different in any way shape or form. I guess it's true what people say or Doctors say, you could a lot just by watching!


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marie ehlenbach

I started writing when I found my imagination needed a place to be! I will write about anything that comes to mind. I live near the National Park and I find squirrels can do the darnest things! Are you right or left handed? Squirrels know!

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