High Anxiety? This Cures It

by Chelsea Swift 4 months ago in treatments

The Only Supplement that Actually Worked for My Anxiety

High Anxiety? This Cures It

Been there, skipped that... anxiety was a big part of my life, and it was also ruining it.

After the FDA started making it harder to get a prescription for Xanax, I was placed on a series of "alternatives" by my doctor, which made it impossible for me to function in even the most normal situations.

Why? Because nothing could replace Xanax.


Prescription after prescription, my anxiety got worse and WORSE. The reality was, I didn't really like waking up from this protective imaginary bubble of Xanax.

What's that? You've never been to the Land Of Xan? Allow me to explain: It's basically a better version of your life. About 10-15 minutes after you take it, Xanax will literally make all your problems disappear. All of them. Every problem you thought you had? Gone. Stressful exam? Take a Xanax. Going to a party? Take a Xanax. Working overtime? You get it....

My point is, I was addicted to the calming effects of Xanax and I never had to cope with the real world (flaw #1) or feel any physical reaction to stress (flaw #2). Knowing nothing would compare, I still set out on a mission to find a healthy Xanax alternative.

With the receipts to prove it, I literally tried everything. Any healthy alternative I could find, anything that promised anxiety relief, anything. From essential oils to lavender pills, I was on a mission to find a natural alternative that actually worked... and, just like the prescriptions, nothing.

Nothing worked.

So, I went on to live my life.

For 3 years, I coped with anxiety using zero supplements or prescriptions, and I have to admit, it was pretty awful pretending to not have severe anxiety.

In walks L-theanine.

At the time, I was desperately researching how to lose weight when I stumbled upon an article about "theanine." Right away, I noticed the ingredients had a huge impact on our body's nervous system. As I began to dig deeper, I discovered L-theanine not only assisted with weight loss, but this supplement was also well known for it's anti-anxiety properties.


It doesn't take a paragraph to figure out what happens next... I began taking 100 milligrams of L-theanine with my multivitamin the next morning.

At first, nothing significant. No real changes in appetite, no real changes in my mood, or so I thought...

Within 5 days, I started to notice the changes in my everyday routine. Small annoyances no longer bothered me. Under pressure, I felt calm, and I no longer felt that "anxiety neck shadow" behind me at work.

You know the shadow, that wave of stress that rises behind you when you're grinding out a deadline or trying to multitask and read an email at the same time. Yup. That "neck shadow." Completely, gone.

I no longer had a physical reactions to stress.

I couldn't believe it, and now, I'm sharing this anti-anxiety relief with you. I use my personal stories as a means to encourage you to try a natural alternative.

No, it doesn't take your problems away or give you a relaxed "high" feeling, but it does counteract that nervousness and stress produced by anxiety in your brain.

In other words, your reaction in stressful situations will change dramatically. You may not even notice the effects of L-theanine because it is a seamless, natural, and non-drowsy supplement used to increase brain power.

Below is the original article I stumbled upon during my weight loss research. If you have moderate to severe anxiety, ask your doctor about L-theanine and what doses would be beneficial for you.

Original Article: https://www.bodybuilding.com/content/think-theanine-for-brain-gains.html

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