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Beyond the Blues

Five Hygiene Hacks When Depressed

by Nikki Opara 2 years ago in depression

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Five Hygiene Hacks When Depressed

Depression doesn’t just affect your mental state but your physical state as well. It can be immensely difficult to find the willpower to get out of bed and do your daily activities that include morning and night hygiene

So what can you do during those moments when self-care and cleanliness doesn’t seem worth it at all? I got the idea for this post from Juliette Virzi , Associate Mental Health Editor, who strongly believes that mental health care should be accessible to all. She is a Mental Health Editor of the online article “The Mighty." She listed 7 hacks but I am going to list the 4 that I use.

1. One Small Task at a Time

This tip is listed in Juliette’s article as well and I firmly agree with it. Sometimes when you complete one task in the morning, even if it is really small, it gives you the confidence to do another small task.

When my eyes open in the morning I open my window right away. I remember my mom emphasizes to me to open my window first thing in the morning and I never understood that, but as I get older I realized how much natural light changes my mindset... Maybe not all the way but a little.

2. Minimize your steps.

For example, keep your hygiene products in your bathroom. I say this because since I live with my family and share a bathroom, I used to have my toothbrush, deodorant, shower sandals, and body wash/shampoo in my room but now I leave it in the bathroom to avoid having to walk to my dresser.

Just avoiding those extra steps can be a huge help.

3. Take a bath instead of a shower.

I have been doing this especially when I have a depressive episode. Sometimes it is easier to just run the bath, pour shower gel, and sit in the bath.

You can even take a bath at night and then just do a quick cleanse in the morning.

4. Turn on your favorite type of music/ encouraging podcast in the morning.

Especially when you're going through your hygiene process. In the morning, I put on my Christian music playlist or I listen to my favorite Podcast; it really helps to have positivity flowing in and out of your ear first thing in the morning. You may not care about what it is saying at the moment but trust me your mind is catching and storing those positive vibes in your memory and it makes a difference.

5. Have 2 deodorants/ 2 body sprays at all times.

Have one in your bathroom for when you get out of the shower and one in your backpack or purse for when you are going out. That way you always have one to reapply when you need it during the day.

I’ll be the first to say I struggle with this. This was something that was really embarrassing for me because I would have a difficult night and then the next morning, I would feel like I got ran over by a train and just not want to do anything. But this doesn’t have to be something to be embarrassed about and if you go through the same thing... now you know that there is someone who also does and you are not alone.

You are NOT a freak. You are NOT disgusting. You are NOT depression. So take the day by its horns a little task at a time. You can do it.

Nikki  Opara
Nikki Opara
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