Find Your High

by Renner Winston 2 years ago in addiction

You are greater than your addictions.

Find Your High

About one in six young adults in America are battling an addiction to a substance. I recently realized that I’d been building my life around several micro-addictions, and that these addictions were keeping me from experiencing life at its highest frequency. I began to notice that I wasn't alone in this experience, that a lot of the people in my life were exchanging amazing opportunities in life for a convenient six-pack at the end of each day. After continuing to notice this trend in many of my close friends and family, I knew that there was a larger issue to tackle in the US.

We are addicted to more than just substances. We are addicted to bad habits as well. We live in the age of technology where binging a TV series is promoted, and the feeling of acceptance from social media has reached 81 percent of Americans. I've been learning how to battle my addictions by living "naturally high", and am dedicating my life to teaching others to live "naturally high" so that everyone can experience life at it's highest frequency.

How do you find your "natural high" in life? It is simple:

1. Recognize and eliminate the addictions that are holding you back.

An addiction is a reaction from the body that has defeated the mind's ability to overcome. I was addicted to alcohol at one period in life, without ever recognizing it. Then I began to realize that I could not enter into a social situation or visualize my weekend without a having bar tab open, I knew that my body was defeating my mind. It took time and energy to eliminate the addiction, but luckily EVERY ADDICTION CAN BE DEFEATED. It all starts with recognition. After defeating this addiction, I realized that I have many minor addictions such as sugar and social media. I am far from done with my battle.

2. Find and pursue your NATURAL HIGH in life.

Once you recognize what your addiction is, you must replace it with something far greater. Everyone will have a different "natural high" in life, and I have a passion for helping others find out what that is. Personally, I find a natural high from training for a large race; it gives me a mountain to climb and a reason to wake up to run every day. For others, this could be hiking, playing the guitar, traveling, meeting new people, or finding underground coffee shops. This list is endless, but it is important to think about what makes you come alive and activate your brain at its highest frequency. Once you do this, you will be able to replace your ADDICTION with your NATURAL HIGH.

3. Publicly claim your ability to overcome.

Tell the world that you fully intend to claim victory over your body's addictions. Your body will trick you into thinking that you are not worthy of living a full-life, that you cannot do it, and that there is no point in trying. You NEED accountability partners to help motivate you when your body begins to lie to your brain. After about two weeks of eliminating the substance or habit, your body will go into overdrive and tell your brain that it NEEDS the substance to survive, and you must persevere. When this moment comes, you must be prepared to claim victory. This is a battle of the mind vs. the body, and it is impossible to do it alone.

I created Renner's High to give others the opportunity to claim victory over their addictions. When wearing the brand, it is a public display of commitment to living "naturally high" and giving yourself the ability to live life at the highest frequency. The brand is not a sales scheme to make money, it is a movement to help develop the world to live a great life. Ten percent of the profits are donated to a charity called Natural High, which focuses on giving kids opportunities and resources to live "naturally high." Buy your quarter-zip today to claim victory over your addictions!

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