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Dreams: this is how useful the oneiric world is

The oneiric world has a positive impact on your physical reality if you know how to take advantage of every dream you experience

By Ninfa BiPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Dreams have answers to your earthly doubts

Dreams are images that the brain creates while we are sleeping, which lack logic. So far it is known that an individual can have between three and six dreams every night, which last between 5 and 20 minutes. Ninety-five percent of the content of a dream is forgotten upon awakening. Dreams have several benefits that should be taken into account: they represent unconscious desires, interpret random signals from the brain and body, and consolidate information gathered during the day.

Dreams manifest a state of consciousness characterized by sensory, cognitive and emotional events that the individual experiences while sleeping.

Nightmares are distressing dreams that cause the individual who is dreaming to feel a range of disturbing emotions. Common reactions to a nightmare include fear, crying and anxiety. Nightmares can occur in individuals of all ages and the causes include: stress, fear, trauma, emotional difficulties , illness, use of certain medications or drugs.

Although nightmares represent a thoroughly unpleasant experience, they also serve to help the individual achieve a certain psychological balance. Nightmares can reveal to you something that is going wrong in your life and therefore, you can do something to change it. These types of dreams reveal something that you reject, but are not aware of, they represent valuable information that you need to know.

Benefits of dreaming

Dreams provide direct benefits to individuals, that is why it is convenient to write down how much or how little you remember from a dream, since this information can be interpreted later.

In the first place, dreams collaborate in the physiological regulation at an emotional level. For example, you feel emotions that you repressed by an individual mismanagement. The knowledge that you tried to acquire during the day is assimilated and consolidated in your mind. The saueños propitiate individual creativity, finding solutions to long-standing problems. They can also help you make good decisions, which fit perfectly with your current reality.

Sleeping serves to regulate the homeostasis of the organism, to rest, to recover our energies and to regulate them. Dreaming serves to regulate learning, manage emotions, develop imagination and find new ways to deal with problems.

Dreams reflect what is usually thought and experienced every day and help to reveal what is repressed, achieving an inner balance in the individual. Everyone is capable of interpreting their own dreams, however the help of a psychologist is very useful to reach accurate conclusions. The information obtained can be applied to improve the quality of life of the individual.

Utility of lucid dreaming

Lucid dreams are those where the sleeper knows that he/she is dreaming and at some point will return to earthly reality. Lucid dreams can also manifest themselves through nightmares.

Currently some psychologists, neurologists and psychiatrists are experimenting with certain techniques to induce individuals to have lucid dreams in order to find solutions to various problems.

Psychologists Ursula Voss and Stephen LaBerge are avant-garde in this subject and are currently working on different techniques so that anyone can have lucid dreams. Different utilities have been found to this practice, such as improvements in motor skills. Lucid dreaming is also proposed as a treatment for people who suffer from recurrent nightmares, as often occurs in post-traumatic stress disorder or severe depression. These phenomena seem to be pure fantasy, but they can be studied from a scientific perspective. This type of dreams allow access to other states of consciousness that are different from the one we experience in wakefulness. The ultimate goal is to know in detail the underlying mechanisms that these processes can provide and to find new clues to understand the human mind in depth.

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    Is it useful to write about the nightmare I had or Is it worst ?

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