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Do you know what sun depression is?

by ALEJANDRO ZAMBRANO a day ago in anxiety


We know that character determines a person's life. If introverts tend to think badly when encountering things, they are more likely to suffer from depression. In fact, depression has become one of the most common mental illnesses in today's society, and the number of people suffering from depression is rising every year, especially in the workplace. what is the reason? Depression is mainly caused by biological factors, such as the decrease of some important neurotransmitters in the brain, such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. This leads to neuroendocrine abnormalities in the human body, leading to depression.

Do you know what sun depression is?

   In addition, one's own personality characteristics are also one of the important factors leading to depression. People who are too introverted or pessimistic tend to think things in bad directions, so they are more prone to depression. The growth conditions of the new generation of young people are too superior, and their parents are too protective and doting on them, resulting in their ability to withstand pressure is getting lower and lower, but the external environment competition is getting more and more intense. Therefore, this is also an important reason why white-collar workers are prone to depression.

   In addition to the above-mentioned physiological and psychological factors, weather and seasons can also affect depression. Experts say that the high season for depression is winter. In winter, the shorter the sunshine time, the less sunshine. The body's biological clock cannot adapt to changes in the shortened sunshine time, leading to disturbances in circadian rhythms, endocrine disorders, and emotional and mental disorders. So it is more likely to suffer from depression.

Do you know what sun depression is?

  Introduction to the common manifestations of sunshine depression

   1. I still go shopping, but I don’t know what to buy.

   2. Started to imagine a safe and avoidable "paradise".

   3. I am dissatisfied with myself in my heart, and I am afraid to tell others about this dissatisfaction.

   4. The food in the past cannot arouse his interest, or he cannot restrain himself from eating too much.

   5. Although I feel very tired, I cannot sleep peacefully.

   6. On the surface, he was very peaceful, but suddenly he flew into a thunder in front of his relatives and regretted afterwards.

  7. I really hope I can have dinner and chat with my good friends, but I never say that I am depressed.

   8. Unexplained physical discomfort is often difficult to eliminate, such as recuperation, sick leave, entertainment, drinking and other methods cannot be eliminated.

   9. Although there are positive emotions in front of the leader, a person often falls into a passive state of powerlessness and slow thinking.

  10. I no longer miss the intimate time that can arouse pleasure in the past, and prefer to be alone in a daze.

Do you know what sun depression is?

  For depression, people are most concerned about how to treat it. On this issue, Director Zhu Xiaoli introduced that the treatment methods for depression mainly include antidepressant medication, psychotherapy, physical therapy (mainly electroconvulsive therapy) and active self-regulation of patients under the guidance of doctors. For example, mild depression can choose psychotherapy, such as cognitive therapy, behavior therapy, family therapy, etc.; patients with moderate to severe depression use psychotherapy and medication at the same time, and patients with severe depression require psychotherapy, medication, and electroconvulsive therapy at the same time. Among them, the most important treatment for depression is medication. Many patients often refuse to take the medication because they are worried about the side effects of antidepressants. In fact, new antidepressants usually do no harm to the body or do little harm. Generally speaking, antidepressants are safe for the liver, have few corresponding side effects, and rarely cause or induce liver damage. Except for a small number of patients with liver disease or particularly sensitive patients, these patients should use antidepressants with caution.

   In addition to the side effects of antidepressants, dependence on antidepressants is also the most concerned issue for patients. "Antidepressants usually do not make patients dependent. If you want to stop the drug, the doctor will gradually reduce the amount of the drug according to the patient's condition. Let the patient adapt." At the same time, experts also mentioned that the patient may experience fatigue and fatigue when the drug is stopped. Insomnia, emotional irritability and other reactions, but these reactions are usually normal withdrawal reactions, rather than drug dependence. So, don't "give up taking medicine".

Do you know what sun depression is?

  In terms of drug treatment, there are three main stages. First, the symptoms of depression must be controlled to reduce the patient’s depression, fatigue, self-injury and suicide; in the second stage, when the symptoms are significantly improved, the efficacy must be consolidated to ensure the efficacy of the previous stage and avoid recurrence of the disease; the last stage is Carry out preventive maintenance treatment to prevent the recurrence of depression. "Some people may think that if their condition improves slightly, they will switch to traditional Chinese medicine and relapse easily. Especially for patients suffering from depression for the first time, they generally need to be treated for more than one year. After systematic treatment and careful evaluation by doctors, they can decide whether to stop taking the medicine. Patients with moderate to severe depression require a longer period of treatment, and it is not advisable to stop the drug prematurely."

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