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Care Bear Theory Lesson Plan

Care Bear in Action..

By Justice for AllPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Care Bear Organizational Psychology Theory was created in May 2019 as a response to the actions of the Pooler Police Department and their continued violation of my rights while violating the law. While fleeing domestic violence of one of their officers, trying to get to someone I knew who would assist me in ending the abuse, of which I had many friends in well educated places, I was and have continued to be threatened, harassed and had without any cause my life fundamentally altered. Had a dead car battery not occurred, I would have been on my way to law school or to get a Masters in Counseling to focus on trauma counseling for first responders. No such luck when a police officer and his buddies on the force decide to threaten and harass a woman who was merely trying to get to friends, and right the mistakes of Chatham County Assistant Attorney Jennifer Davenport who had fundamentally altered the law by defrauding the Chatham County Superior Court and the Ga Supreme Court single handly.

As I was left to study for law school and be left unhelped, and near the GGIA Conference time, I started putting together a training module based in organizational psychology. Expanding on the the concept of GGIA and basing it on real life education- which was is clearly needed I began sketching out my doctoral thesis which was also the integration in to my law school entrance essay. The idea of training first resposnders to properly respond to what was a simple issue at the time of a case of domestic violence by one officer and the poor handling by the department. Sadly it has now become a civil rights violation by several departments that has left me and the public at risk. In the midst of trying to get what appear to be a single case of crimes but in fact have affected every public employee in Ga, and continue to by the actions of the Pooler Police department and Chatham County Sheriff department by illegally seizing property containing evidence that a fraud was made upon the Ga Supreme Court by The Chatham County attorney's office, trying to protect officers lives who are in danger and trying to protect the public from criminals they have left on the street for years.

What started off as me trying solve what had been done to a circuit full of good public employees including threats to a Sheriff's life, a police officer, two entire departments full of law enforcement and to rectify the Fraud committed on the Ga Supreme Court affecting every public employee in the 11th judicial circuit for the good ones. Sadly, not much has been resolved, despite attempts to keep everyone who honors their badges not only safe but to get my business up and running again.

I dubbed it Project Justice- not just for me but for the good people who understand protect and serve and shouldn't have had their rights violated. While "Care Bear Theory" sounds a bit soft the thought behind it was based on the "Friendship Theory" from Numbers. Essentially it was about the good people standing up not just for me, but helping right the fundamental rights violation to First Responders sadly by the withholding of the documents that need to be given to Federal Law Enforcement in order to restore the rights of the good ones. What effects one effects all- and that injustice is not anything any good first responder signed up to protect. The thin blue line, the thin red line, the thin yellow line, the thin green line, and though not specified as First Responders- the judicial which I have given the thin gold line, because they respond as well to the crisis that frontline responders do as well, we must unite to defend that which is righteous, for there is strength in numbers and good always conquers evil. Included is the very first Lesson Plan.

It is part of the non profit I am going to start someday under my current business. The idea is to make the world what it should be. Someday it will be.


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Justice for All

"Justice delayed, is justice denied" "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Tattooed, Employed and has a Psych degree..Always on the look out for a group of Avengers.

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