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Be Who You Are

Consciousness is your best friend; not the mind or the ego.

By George ParkerPublished 11 months ago 6 min read
Be Who You Are
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Obviously, at one time we were pure animal, because most of our problems come from animalistic urges being questioned by our intellect. It is always our opposites that get us into trouble, but that’s what we are: opposites. Even down at the subatomic level we’re made of opposites. Animals have no mind; that’s why birds move as one in perfect formation in the sky when they are together, they become group mind. I highly recommend you get to know your consciousness if only for one reason: consciousness can stop the mind from constantly telling you you’re an idiot and a loser in its many, oh so special, ways.

Consciousness and energy are what drive the body. To give an analogy, the body is the spaceship in which you travel through space and time. It is not you. You are consciousness: the pilot, and energy is the co-pilot. We all get the feeling at times that we are watching what is going on through our eyes and yet, we are divorced from any outcome. That is the real you, my friend. You are the witness of what goes on outside yourself, and getting emotionally involved in it is a mistake we have all been making for a long time. You cannot live outside yourself; it’s an impossible jungle out there, everything looks cool, everyone has fun, there just must be an answer out there somewhere. Not true. Everything out there is one fantasy after another on boulevards of broken dreams; it’s not reality.

Of course, it’s going to take more than you just wanting to hook up with consciousness; you are going to have to begin by proving you can be trusted, you have to seduce your real self to take the stage. The easiest way to do that, of course is to look at yourself, but not in the mirror; remember you are not the body. That pretty face you see in the mirror now is going to grow old and wrinkled one day, and what will you do then? Consciousness never ages: all you’ll have is the feelings of a twenty-year-old looking at the face of an eighty-year-old, and how on earth will you deal with that?!!!

The sooner you begin the sooner things will get better. You have important information missing, and the only way to download that information is meditation or some form of reflection. Then you can begin to understand what you need from life so that you don’t emotionally cripple yourself while searching for illusions. Everything outside you is an illusion for one simple reason: you’ve been through childhood. You’ve been told lots of Victorian Fairy Stories; you’ve been lied to about all forms of sexuality. You may also have been mistreated as a child, and because of that your mind has become a monster; it doesn’t matter what it was. The only thing you can possibly do now is ask yourself what your problem is and begin loving yourself for the answer.

I am becoming convinced that loving yourself is the key to many of our modern-day maladies because many of them are so ridiculous. The mind is super good at making up stories to convince you that you are right, but dump the mind; it lies, and the consciousness doesn’t. If you reflect on yourself as often as you can, love yourself as much as you can, and treat yourself as good as you can you will free yourself to be who you really are. Deep down you are a caring, loving individual. Corruption of the personality comes from a fractured mind; you fix that by loving yourself, which turns it off, and loving everyone else by extension. You will never win a fight with the mind, don’t even try. It’s a dirty fighter and it wants to win at any cost. You have to lose it so you can use it the way it was meant to be used.

The mind doesn’t get along with love; that’s why your relationships are always blowing up. You must stop believing you are the mind; it’s going to be difficult. You’re an addict hooked on being criticized. What on earth will you do; it has you convinced you enjoy the punishment! What you are going to do is breathe and pay attention to your breath as it goes in and out. At the same time use the words,’ I Am’ in your mind to shut it up. Just think ‘I’ for the in breath, and ‘Am’ for the out breath, and this will serve as your introduction to consciousness. Do this whenever you are alone, driving the car, in a crowd even for a minute or two. You must begin to short circuit the mind; it likes to prey on you when you’re alone.

It is not always necessary to close your eyes when you meditate; there are many moving meditations. You just have to be alone, and you really don’t have to use the words ‘I Am.’ You can use anything you want. ‘Gu Ru’ is good too, because it will please the consciousness that you know it’s your guru. It has the answer to any question you will ever pose. It is you, being you. You must start to chase it like you are a fan, and unlike a rock star or a love interest, it is going to deliver. It will turn you from a broken survivor of childhood into the well-rounded, compassionate human being you are beneath that.

You must surrender yourself to your higher self, the one that has always been you not the mind imposter, and slowly things will begin to change. Your thinking will get better; so will your ideas. The lies from childhood about everything to do with your body will dissolve. Little white lies told to you in childhood can turn into great big problems for an adult mind. They are all energy blockages; none of them are truth. The truth will be that which you are shown by consciousness over the communication channel of your ship once you begin to take control and start going somewhere instead of going around in circles, which is what you have been doing since you were born.

We are writers, we want to communicate and we strive to understand ourselves, but in these dark days it’s important to communicate truth. You will get more fun out of knowing yourself in the long run than you’ve ever had in life before. You will know that you can’t get damaged by anything you do because you’ll know yourself, and you’ll know why you do what you do. The most important thing in the long run will be to teach others to understand who they are, so they can stand up for themselves, too, and begin making a difference in the world. That’s when things will start to change, everywhere…and fast.

Over the years I’ve studied a lot of Eastern philosophy: Tai Chi, Taoism, Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Tantra. They obviously all emanate from the same source and they are more like psychology, more a way of dealing with yourself in the world but also a spiritual path we all travel on. So, it’s practical knowledge, just in case you were wondering.


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Author of fiction, songwriter and singer. My books — The Subatomic Kid and Vampyre Lawyer are both available on Amazon.

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