Beyond the Blues
Beyond the Blues

A Life Worth Living

by Erika Oney 2 years ago in depression

Are you feeling lonely and don't know where to turn? You are not alone!

A Life Worth Living

According to the National Institute of Health, "depression (major depressive disorder or clinical depression) is a common but serious mood disorder. It causes severe symptoms that affect how you feel, think, and handle daily activities, such as sleeping, eating or working." (Oct. 2016)

National Institutes of Health. Oct. 2016. "Depression." Retrieved from

This is the scientific definition of depression. This article will tell you the many different signs and symptoms, along with medical treatment. If the medicine helps a little, that is great. However, it doesn't get to the root of the problem... why are they depressed? What got them to the point of depression?

Depression can be caused by many things. It could be the person lost someone they were very close to. It could be the person lost their job and couldn't make ends meet... which is leading to homelessness. It could be the person is getting a divorce from the one they loved. These situations can be difficult to deal with.

Depression can also be occurring because they are being abused and have no one to turn to. It could be the person is being bullied and is getting no help to stop it. Another issue of depression is our soldiers who may be believing they are fighting for nothing. My focus on the topic of depression is going to be these three.

Where can I turn?

I am all alone. 😞

Abuse is an unfortunate, seen-to-be never-ending situation. There are many forms of abuse: physical, sexual, mental and emotional. Abuse isn't gender or age specific. It isn't racist. It doesn't care about your religion or sexual preference. It doesn't care about where you live. It affects many households: men and women, boys and girls. It seems to be okay to hit each other hard enough to send to the hospital. It seems okay to molest or rape someone since their sentencing does not come close to what they deserve. It seems to be okay to tell people they are dumb, stupid and call people hurtful names and torture them with the amount of bullying issues that have been occurring. How much can a person be expected to take before they lose it?

Abuse is abuse... It is wrong.

Stop the pain.

Bullying seems to be becoming a dangerous trend. How many times have we heard on the news and YouTube about bullying situations? Why do kids and adults think it is okay to pick on another person for whatever stupid reason they can think of? It could be the person is overweight. It could be because they are in a different social status. It could be that they are gay. It could be that they are homeless... We all remember that story. Any one can find a reason to bully another. It is not right, but it is still happening and doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon.

Stop picking on me.

Why won't they leave me alone?

Another group of people suffering from depression is our military heroes. It is heartbreaking to see our military suffering from this. No one except the soldiers themselves know what they encountered and deal with when they are overseas fighting. We see what the media presents, but we do not truly understand what they feel or think. We don't know the sights they see or how hard it is for them to be away from their family and friends. Soldiers are also having to deal with all the hateful criticism and actions of those who oppose the military, such as the Aryan or White Supremacists. They find it fun it seems to show so much disrespect to the military, not knowing or caring about the damage they could or are doing to our soldiers.

Soldiers deserve respect.

They are fighting for you, so stop fighting them.

This can be helped, even in the most severe cases. All it takes is someone to take the time to listen. They might find it hard to talk, but there is a beauty in journals, besides the cover. A journal is not just a female thing as some boys/men might believe. A journal is for any one who needs a way to let out all their stress and concerns but feel they don't have a person to run to. It could be a way to start a conversation with a person. They can write down all their feelings in their journal and show it to the person of their choice for help. Writing is one way to relieve stress. It worked for me. There are also counselors, self help books, and hotlines that you can call. For all of you who are suffering from depression, please call a counselor or hotline, read a self help book (Dr. Phil's Self Matters or Joel Osteen's Become a Better You), AND write your problems in a journal. You can also find a church and talk to a priest. Depression often leads to suicide. Please try all the other options first. If they don't work, try other hotlines, counselors, and books. If that fails, try again. I am no psychologist. I haveno degree in counseling. I do want to help, if it means I've prevented someone from taking their life. My email address is [email protected] I do not promise to have the answers to everything. I do promise to be that one person you need to listen to your problems. Yes, I have problems too. However, I will still be glad to listen to yours so you can get it off your chest, as long as you don't do anything that will cause you pain or worse. There is always someone to listen. Your life is always worth living.

Depression can be beat.

You can do anything... no matter who may tell you different. Don't pay attention to those people. You live your life the way your heart desires.

How does it work?
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