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6 Delusional Things A Narcissist Does After They Leave You

The thing is, it doesn't sound delusional to them at all.

By Chris FreylerPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Who here has come in contact with one of these assholes?

If you are out in the dating world, you have crossed one or more and maybe didn’t know what it was. Unlike me, if you were smart, you knew something was off and hit the road running.

For those less fortunate like myself, they will chase and chase until there is no more chase left.

Here is a list of what most Narcissists do, in my opinion, after the breakup. It may vary a bit, but this is what your run-of-the-mill Narc is doing.

-Your fault; you are the fucking crazy one, don’t you understand that? All their lies, cheating, and manipulation weren’t the reason for your reactions; it’s because you are bat shit nuts. All while they are stalking your every move on social media, getting more and more pissed that you have friends. It’s called projection. They tell everyone who they are but say it’s you. Very clever, eh?

-Go to the next person in line. They were talking to many while they were with you, so don’t feel bad when they are off to the races dating already. But who are we fucking kidding? They’ve been dating all along behind your back.

-Sulk, yep, another relationship failure. They can’t believe that everyone in the dating pool is so fucked up and they are perfect. And yes, they are still stalking you online.

-Write more delusions, create more illusions, and live a reality that doesn’t exist. They have to kick it up with the new person(s). They have to hold this fake image up; they can’t let this person see the real fucking mess they are like you’ve seen. They are frantically cleaning their mess of a fucking house so it’s presentable for the new victim. You got too close to them.

-Research. Yep, if you gave them an education on the word Narcissism or the terms that go with it, lookout. They are researching it right now while projecting their behaviors on you because of your reactions. They are telling people you gaslighted them, projected onto them, and you were verbally abusive. They might even be here or on other platforms writing very vague, mediocre bullshit articles no one reads on topics they know nothing about but should because they are who they write about.

-Self-sabotage. I have a diagnosed Narcissist comment on some of my articles on Medium. He said most Narcissists know something is wrong, but they ignore it. Some will seek treatment, but most won’t. The ones that don’t, which are most, will hop person to person trying to find their perfect self in their partner that doesn’t exist. They will fuck, suck and drink themselves into the record books. All while trying to uphold an image that doesn’t exist. The older they get, the playing field gets smaller and smaller. But they can’t stop; it’s how they survive. They do this knowing they are slowly dying inside. They hate themselves. And what’s even more disturbing is we chase that shit.

All I can say is don't be like me. Don't waste four and a half years chasing someone down that uses you as a convience when they don't have anyone else around.

You need to pay close attention to their actions and not words. If a Narcsissts mouth is moving, 99% of the time they are lying. I fell in love with potential, not a person. Because the person she showed me in the beginning, never existed.

I don't regret every meeting her, because I learned a lot. What I regret is taking so long to believe her. I do now.

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Chris Freyler

Mistake Maker Extraordinaire. Writing from a place I don’t understand at times. I write to help myself, in return hope it helps you. Just another Quora guy.

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