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11 Disturbing Signs You Are Dealing With a Covert Narcissist

You can only ignore the signs for so long.

By Chris FreylerPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
11 Disturbing Signs You Are Dealing With a Covert Narcissist
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I feel the word “Narcissist” is thrown around loosely in this day and age. While we all have Narcissistic traits, they don’t dictate and control our life while in pursuit to ruin others.

If any of the following signs appear in a relationship, it might be a good idea to decide if it’s worth pursing, or running from.

I’d lean towards the later if you see 5 or more in your current relationship.

1. Criticism: They won’t accept it. It doesn’t matter if it’s constructive or not. And if you try and be constructive, they will gaslight you to make you question your reality!

2. Delusion: It runs hot and heavy. They are an “expert” in whatever field they decide to target. And you best be on “target” too and support them in their delusional endeavor.

3. Grandiose: Listen, this is different than the Overt or any other form of Narcissism. They will have their “moments.” They need you; they need you! That’s until they don’t. If there is a better “pick” me up than you? You will be nothing but spawn in their delusion.

4. Sex: Oh yea, brother. Best sex of your life. But don’t get used to it; it’s manipulation.

5. Friends: Hey! We will hang out with “so and so.” Hey! “So and so,” have a boat; we will hang out with them. Hey! You have to meet “so and so.” Hey! I know “so and so!” Get my drift? Who is “so and so?” It’s their delusion. They have no friends. And if they do, they won’t last. They have quantity over quality, with no real connection.

6. Double standards: You know? They can have a “friend” night, but not you! Oh no, you best be at their beck and call. Unless you are “annoying” them, you are free to have a life outside them. But when “they” want that life, you best grant it, or it will be gaslight and projection hell!

7. Drama: Drama is everywhere, but with them, they thrive on it. Nothing is more complicated than what they are going through. If you don’t support their most delusions of grandeur, then YOU are the problem. Read that again.

8. Minimization: They fuck up, cuss you out, or flat out cheat and “admit” it. It’s your problem. Everything is different when they do it. BUT, when they “NEED” you, be there, no questions asked. But if you need them……get the fuck out of here, you clingy, obsessive asshole!

9. Emotions: Oh boy, will they show them. I mean, they will if it benefits them in some way. They will not and can not accept they hurt people. WAIT! They can, I lie, but only if they are down and out. But once they tighten the grip, they release the emotions, and here comes the real “asshole” they are.

10. Manipulation: You’re asking this question. If you are on Quora or any other form of social media questioning Narcissism, you have your answer. Ordinary people in normal relationships don’t just decide to research this bullshit. What is normal? I know this abuse is not.

11. Gut: It all comes down to that “feeling.” You are probably reading this article looking for answers. Remember, you are reading this for a reason. YOU aren’t the narcissist like they say you are. You are confused, lost, and trying to figure out what the hell is happening. You are on the right path. Keep researching and reading. The answer or acceptance will come with what you are dealing with. Time is your painful friend, and pain is what we go through.

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