Women Who Drink Like a Guy Can

by Hannah Elliott 2 years ago in alcohol

The struggles are real!

Women Who Drink Like a Guy Can

Beer, wine, shots, mixed drinks: Heaven, basically.

I am a woman who can hold her own in the realm of drinking. It takes me a lot more than one would think to be feeling tipsy or wind up sh*t-faced in a night of drinking. To me, it is a normal thing. I have always been able to drink a lot and not suffer the next day. Some people think that it is a huge advantage, but there are a lot of struggles that go along with it all.

Ladies, I know there are those of you who can relate and those who are jealous, but let me explain the hardships that we have to go through on a night out compared to you. Many of the things I list are subjective to what I find to be the most annoying, I know, but I feel as though these are the larger struggles that I have to deal with and are the most annoying.

Number 1

The level of tolerance. Many people think that it is an absolute joy to have, which, in many cases it is great, but there are some cases where it sucks... For some girls, drinking a bottle of wine or having five beers sets up for a fun drunken night. For a girl with a high tolerance (like me), it barely gets the buzz going. It sucks because when at the bar surrounded by all the drunken people and you are not at their level and realistically they are annoying to you (because really, when is a drunken person not annoying to a sober individual). Pretty much, in a night out, drinking twice as much as everyone else is normal, being the most sober out of the group is normal. Every time I go out to buy alcohol, I always question: should I buy that extra tall boy or that bigger size bottle? The answer is always yes, because I know in a night out that having leftover tall boys is a welcomed experience. It is rare, but still welcomed.

Number 2

Money. I am jealous, personally, of the girls that get to the bar basically drunk already and only need like another drink or two, then they are set for the night. It is a weird thing to say, but as explained earlier, sometimes having a higher tolerance to drinking is not always the best thing. However, even though it saves you from getting way too drunk way too quickly, it really hurts the bank account at the end of the night. We spend practically double at the bar to try to get to the same level of drunk as the other girls. Looking at the bank account, for a decent night out it will cost ~$80 to have a decent night out drinking. If I could calculate the amount of money I spend at a bar in a year and compare it to the amount of someone with not as strong of a tolerance, I would guess the difference would be insane and I would be even more jealous than I already am.

Number 3

Guys. This does not seem like a problem, really. Most times it is not. Most guys do not care how drunk you are, just if you are having a good time and that you look like fun, but there are always exceptions. These are the guys that do not believe you when you say that you can drink a lot and the guys that buy you a drink or two in the hopes of getting you drunk enough to go home with them. Yes, one is a lot creepier than the other, but all girls know both of these types of guys to be true. The non-believer guy is annoying for sure; he is also the one, though, to buy you three shots to see if you can handle it. Basically, it gets old really quickly, having to explain that you can drink a lot only to have him come up with excuses for you (what you drink doesn’t have a high percentage, length of time between drinks), anything to make it seem like you are wrong about how much you can drink. The other type of guy is the one who wants to get you home with him, and thinks that it will be easier to do once you have had a bit more to drink. Boy was he wrong...buying you an extra drink is not going to change his chances, namely because it's not going to get you drunk in the slightest. The only bad thing that comes from this is how pissed off he gets at you once he realizes his plan is ruined.

This all being said, I am extremely thankful for my tolerance and sometimes it really is not a bad thing (like when the guy wants to buy you drinks to sleep with him). It has saved me from many terrible hangovers that would have been with the amount I drank, and has allowed for me to realize that I do not need to be crazy drunk to have fun.

Also, I must say, it is a great victory when a guy challenges your ability to drink and you are able to out-drink him.

Hannah Elliott
Hannah Elliott
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