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Red vs White Wine If They Were Your Friends

by Lauranna Orchard about a month ago in wine

and what to enjoy them with

Red vs White Wine If They Were Your Friends

Personally, I can't stand traditional red wine. No matter how expensive the bottle or what brand, it just tastes like rancid juice to me. I grew up watching my mother enjoy a glass of red after work, typically a merlot, and she seemed to savor every sip as if she were drinking the nectar of the gods. I imagined that I too would grow to love the taste, but I'm now in my twenties and it still hasn't happened; I'm not holding my breath that it will either.

I've always thought that wines have distinct "personalities", so to speak. You can probably tell a bit about a person based on what wine they fancy too. Take me for instance, I'm a white wine kind of girl--the sweeter and the cheaper, the better. Extra points if it fizzes. I want it to taste less like wine and more like a soft drink. What does this say about me? That I'm unfussy and that I have the palate of a ten-year-old. Unlike wine, you see, my taste buds are clearly uncultured.

Red Wine

Ah, red wine. I think it's safe to say that a glass of red is what most people envision when they hear the word 'wine'. It's everywhere, from films to novels to biblical stories, and people have been consuming it since time immemorial. Even now, when I think of wine, my mind flashes back to the scene in Dracula where the count confesses "I never drink... wine".

Well, neither do I. At least not that ominous looking bottle of vintage red that he's pouring Mr. Harker.

I imagine red wine to be that mature friend who has their life together and their future all figured out. Everybody 'oohs' and 'ahs' at their accomplishments. They have about three degrees and are currently doing their PhD if they don't have one already. Their hobbies include travelling the world and improving both their spiritual and physical wellbeing. They also have a group of jealous haters who simply don't understand the fuss about them, but does that bother the OG red? I think not. After all, not everyone can understand their depth.

Try a glass of red while reading a book on a rainy day, or with a hearty mid-week meal after a stressful day at work. This friend is here to help you unwind.

White Wine

White wine is the life and soul of the party. That's party with a capital 'P', by the way. There's a reason why people start popping champagne when there's something to celebrate. It's approachable, unlike its more complex and broody brother, red wine, which makes it a popular choice for people who've only just started drinking wine. Some people just need a little time before they can fully appreciate the nuances of fermented whole grapes--skin included. White wine is the friend that can get along with anybody and everybody, so don't be afraid to start mixing it with other beverages. After all, white wine is the reason why mimosas and Buck's Fizz exist.

It pairs well with lighter meats such as chicken and fish, and a splash of it (or more) in your cooking can add some interesting flavor. I've personally added it to my Italian-style chicken stew with tomatoes. It was delicious!

My suggestions? If you know how to make ice-cream then why not try something a little different and incorporate white wine into the recipe. If not, then I'd say enjoy some white wine the next time you order yourself a takeaway. It can be any kind of takeaway too: Chinese, Indian, Turkish etc. White wine is forgiving, and treating yourself to some good food is always a celebration!

Lauranna Orchard
Lauranna Orchard
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