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Official Wine Taste Quiz

by Michele Schultz 6 months ago in wine

A guide to your perfect pairing

Official Wine Taste Quiz
Photo by Irene Kredenets on Unsplash

Consider placing an unopened bottle from holidays ago? Consider bestow a last-minute because of an unnecessary custom to arrive somewhere with something? If reading Wine. All the Time taught one thing, consider making a subjective decision choosing a bottle? Does the thought of Consumer-mas and consider buying a red blend?

Bright Cellars got the attention. Consider the company's motto is to educate and your wine experience. How does it work? Take the quiz! Maybe consider releases your anxiety? Or perhaps?

Let's begin!

If you chose the type of chocolate

(a) milky how I like my coffee

(b) dark and sugar how I consider my coffee

(c) white. the same color as mashed potatoes

(d) where's the fruity candy

(e) chocolate and peanut creamy

(f) a nutty and cream texture

If you consider any tea

(a) brown water

(b) sweet and hot

(c) on iced and depends, brown water

(d) brewed on a steel teapot

(e) where's the lemonade

(f) thank you, next

Consider you are out, the go-to-drink?

(a) dark on the rocks(not literal)

(b) dry either shake, not stir

(c) orange juice pair with bubbles

(d) I'll take a beer(light or regular). What do you think?

Consider the juice order if you're at an outdoor brunch?

(a) insert with pulp

(b) cold liquid tomato soup in a glass

(c) iced grape jam in a glass

(d) eyeball glass of cranberry

(e) thanks, but just coffee

If you were considering a perfect pairing

(a) an all-red-meat meal

(b) just my mouth and the bottle

(c) does my phone count

(d) friends over Zoom

(e) a live video chat

How adventures consider with your food and drink

(a) Try anything. Tri-taster, duh.

(b) Occasional, so a fun one

(c) Not a sample

Finally, Red or White?

(a) alright! try the perfect pairs

(b) mostly white wines but red give it another chance

(c) red wines but open to considerations

(d) red only is it obvious

(e) white wines only, duh!

Your wine experience:

Consider your palate as often unnecessary to notice, and with a multiple-choice given the results that match your perfect pairings. If the match does not? Consider visiting Bright Cellars for a retake?

Consider your relatives and perhaps yourself like Red Blend? No. Yes. Perhaps. If you consider red? Insert Terraform near the rest of the unopened bottles from last holidays ago. A fruit-forward with maybe grapes but insert of black cherry, raspberry, plum, and odor of chocolate.

If you're not considering this? Perhaps consider Zinfandel? Contrast cracked black pepper with a velvety pomegranate and raspberry taste. If this is not your perfect pairings? Consider the next one?

This next one is the same name unnecessary called a Classic Zinfandel, so what are you missing out? The similar odor hint of plum the same to Terraform. If a spicy, ripe, balanced, and round mouthfeel you're considering? Consider it will fulfill your palate?

If a classic is not enough to get you buzzed? Consider 2017 Merlot brimming with fruity odors, acidity, and dark chocolate.

If a Merlot is not up for your buzz? Consider 2019 Sangiovese? Perhaps this considers refined after two, three, and few more glasses until you pass out on the couch or upchuck the Sangiovese. If this is not enough? Consider the Jetbird? Yes, another Merlot. Considered a crowd-pleasing with a full-bodied and acidity palate with an insert of red berries and baking spices.

Consider Chardonnay? Insert lemon curd, coconut, along with mango and pineapple odor. If Chardonnay is enough? Consider this classic example is full in citrus along with a weighty palate includes lemon and yellow apples.

Michele Schultz
Michele Schultz
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