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How To Drink Beer And Avoid A Beer Belly

by Hajii Brown about a year ago in how to · updated 11 months ago
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Blocking The Brew Gut

How To Drink Beer And Avoid A Beer Belly
Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash

Well, this is a very common question from the crowd who frequently drink beer and get worried about putting on a few extra pounds in the form of a beer gut. If you face a similar issue, there are a few simple things to do. This can help you burn off those bulgy layers of fat like magic, without quitting beer altogether.

Regular exercise and a clean diet

A beer gut can be controlled by following some daily free hand exercises according to your convenient time. Regular exercise will help you burn the calories absorbed from foods and will help you maintain flat abs without avoiding beer.

Always try to stick to a clean diet in order to avoid getting a beer belly. Try to avoid your regular dinner occasionally, and have a good salad as a main course. You should have a clean breakfast like oatmeal with fresh fruits, or an egg in the morning. If you like to have cereals, make sure they are free of sugar and vegetable oils.

Eat clean fats and avoid processed carbohydrates

Clean fats don’t end up around your gut. A big belly generally builds up due to deep fried foods, trans-fats processed products, margarine, pastries and many baked products. So you must shift to clean fat foods that include seafood, lean meats, seeds and nuts, if you want to continue drinking beer.

You should stay away from carbs like, white breads, pasta, white flour baked products and white rice and switch to brown rice, whole grain bread and unrefined flour types. You must drink lots of water to improve metabolism power.

By engin akyurt on Unsplash

Try to eat your food “naked”

Many people like to add sauces to almost every food they eat. However, it has sugar contents and sodium which will bring more calories without any notice. You can get great flavor instead of drowning your food in sauce if you purchase high quality organic products and meats.

They are generally marinated with a few spices to serve up a great flavor. Also, you must read the labels of the frozen products and go through the ingredients carefully. If you find any unusual ingredients in the product, check the names online to know more about their nutrition information.

Eliminating sugar from your diet is a must

Sugar itself is enough to build up a gut and it is hidden in almost all processed food products and drinks consumed. So, kicking off the sugar from your diet is a ‘must’ in order to avoid a belly.

Almost every beer contains liquid sugar and it goes straight to your stomach to build up a beer gut. So, it is better you choose a sugar reduced version of beer and enjoy maintained abs right through.

It takes time to train your taste buds and make it a habit to have foods and drinks less sugary. But, eventually, you can successfully train them and continue with the mentioned diets to avoid a beer gut without avoiding beer.

I sincerely hope this article helps many people to avoid the old spare tire. A slim waistline is a very healthy state for your body. It also helps you to look more attractive and sexy. You can still enjoy your beverages, just learn to consume in moderation.

We live in a society that embraces the idea of excess and consuming more. Commercials always blasting ads about super size everything and super cheap fast food deals. This certainly makes it hard on a person to live a life of modest eating and drinking habits. So just follow this advice and you should be fine.

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